Hello people-Read this!

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Hello people-Read this!
Post # 1
Real Name: George
Location: London, UK
Activities: MTB, Snowboarding, Rugby, Meditation
Age: 16
Birthday: 29th December
Occupation: Student

----------More Info----------

I have no experience with Magic and yet I am fascinated with it and would love to learn about it, I love watching David Blain and Criss Angle, yet I don't want to float in the air or anything. I am quiet a polite and respectful person and very charismatic which can lead to my weakness of my "know-it-all" attitude which leads to a somewhat arrogant persona, yet I am very kind and level headed person.

Spiritually I have always been intrigued, I have had some experience with reading Runes and Tarot cards, I also love Buddha statues around my house and I some what find them relaxing. I know how to meditate and know the art of reiki, which is removing pain through a massage, I can channel a light through my body via meditation from my head to toes to finger tips and I am able to release it. I fully believe in Magic and that It can be performed.

I think my element is Earth, and I would like to be able to control it.

I would also like to learn spells about Beauty, Health, Life, Wealth and Spiritual, and how to control them and create some of my own.

I understand learning and gaining experience will take years of daily practice, and I suppose I would like some help getting starting and the fact I want to know where to start really.

I have read about deities and candles and stuff like that, and I'm totally overwhelmed with it all. If possible could I get directed to things I need to learn and how to do them, because I don't want to summon a demon to terrorize the world :P

If I have missed anything please PM me.


Now to scout around the forums!
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Types of Magick Interests
Post # 2
I would be interested in studying either:

Elemental Magick
Candle Magick
Crystal / gemstone Magick
Poppet Magick
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