The story of Lycaon

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The story of Lycaon
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This is the story my dad used to tell me when I was 8 years old till I was 13. He just told me the story again last night, and I?m 23 years old. This story originated in Greek mythology. According to legend this has been one of the first werewolf stories ever in Greek myths.

living in the region of Arcadia in ancient times was called Pelasgia. Pelasgus king of the that time had a son name Lycaon and during the period of his father's reign Lyacon has
raised civilization in this region to a higher level than previously and also was the founder of a town up in the mountains called Lycosoura. As the first king of Lycosoura he started
the Lycaean Games well as the cult of Zeus Lycaeus.

Lycaon invited Zeus to a banquet and offered him a meal. Zeus got very angry when he smell the roasted human, what got the king of the gods even more furious is when Lycaons son gave Zeus, soup that had the entrails of a sheep and a goat, together with the entrails of his brother Nictimos. They presented this meal to Zeus, who was visiting them as a simple traveler.

Suddenly Lycaon realized he had made a grave error and he began running for his life, with Zeus in hot pursuit. But as he ran, he realized that something was happening to him. His cries became snarls and growls. His body dropped to all fours and began to alter painfully. His nose became a snout and his ears became pointed. Hair sprung up all over his body and his teetch became sharp and pointed.

Zeus laughed, thinking that he had taught the human a valuable lesson; but the joke was on him. Lycaon discovered that he liked his new condition because it allowed him to continue his bloodthirsty ways. He killed sheep, goats, and humans with reckless abandon until the villagers grew tired of his reign of terror and dispatched him to Tatarus.

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Re: The story of Lycaon
Post # 2
Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
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Re: The story of Lycaon
By: / Knowledgeable
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