Demon/Angel theory

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Forums -> General Info -> Demon/Angel theory

Demon/Angel theory
Post # 1
This is just a THEORY, so please don't jump at me if you don't like it or you find it somehow unflattering. :9

So, I've been thinking (dangerous thing for a blond, I know) people have been taking demons/angels too much like their friends or enemies. But what if they are just fragments of our minds, personalities and consciousness (in other words our whole beings).
Then summoning 'demons/angels' would be raising different energies for different spells or other magickal doings.
Also, it means that people seriously mistook what Bible and Goetia are about (taking these two examples 'cause they're most popular).
If my 'theory' is correct Bible would be telling about how we should build our personalities and it would be directing our minds to morality, not telling about actual entities who lurk about and wait to mislead us or help us. Meaning that Christianity has been hovering to fluffyness for the past ____ years, and resulted in todays ignorance.
Now, I don't know too much about Goetia, so I'm not gonna get into it too much. But I believe that, Solomon, too, has been writing about brain/mind fragments.
We all know about balance, it's everywhere in the universe, including us. This is a bad comparing, but you know in cartoons when the individual is making important decisions and the little guys appear on both of his shoulder (demon and angel guides?), that would be light and dark/good and bad in us (and the balance calls for consciousness). So, metaphorically speaking, we all have a demon and an angel in us, it's just which one of them is more dominant on different decisions, that makes our personalities unique and different than others. This theory would also fly with Yin-Young.
And the demons/angels (as entities) that people are talking about would be just the same higher beings than us.

Thanks to SaidGuidenc and 0IY0KPA_TAKA for encouraging me to write this thread.

Everyone, please share your opinions on this theory. =]
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Re: Demon/Angel theory
Post # 2
Interesting theory, however angels and demons are not light and dark. But, yes, Christianity has been moving towards fluffiness, and is now completely fluffy.
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Re: Demon/Angel theory
Post # 3
I wasn't referring to them as light and dark, but fragments of mind and personalities.
But demons would be the negativity and angels positivity of individuals being (again, not referring to entities).
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Re: Demon/Angel theory
Post # 4
Like Freuds Animal and Children aspect of personality ? Monster ?

Saseg Christianity is the native religion of spirits we reffer as demons , and the concept came to be from very same religion , wherefrom is imported in other systems , therfore either respect the concept of them given by Christians or do not use it. You would not say Wiccans perspectives of Horned god and Lunar goddess are "fluffie" or that Old relligion in geneal is such ? Same thing
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Re: Demon/Angel theory
Post # 5
Generally humans personalities. =]
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Re: Demon/Angel theory
By: / Novice
Post # 6
Whery good. Your onto 'the pises'
in general. (or to say later. Perhaps of corse)
you might change araond some things in your theory.
And/or splitt it.
(don't gett me wronge. I'm not saying that I know the entire 'trouth' or somthing like that. )
but I to have been going araound the difrent cuestions you have asked yourself. To gett to the 'trouth'.

And to finish of.
'there are (mostly in any case) at least a bitt of 'trouth' in every thing. (and vica versa.
But in the end. There is only your 'trouth' for you. The same is for everyone.
And when you realice this. Remember to respeckt others trouths to'

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Re: Demon/Angel theory
Post # 7
I respect others 'truth's'.
But, I built my belief and this is how it is to *me*.
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Re: Demon/Angel theory
By: / Novice
Post # 8
There is much of your theory. That I belive in to. In peticular the part on the self and choices. The ones sithing on the shoulders. The part about angels/demonds beeing just a mass fabrik of a populationt to. At least to som part.
(I know how 'guaided' masses can be. (or missguaided)

but if we where to exlude angels and so, as a fiktion of the mind only.
Then I'm sure that dragons to would have to go.

Here is the thing that trigers my mind to work. There are continents between the places where the many myths about dragons acure.
Sivilisasetions that had no way of even knowing of echothers.
At least not at the time tales of dragon where spreading within the difrent sivilisasetions. Before they became myts..

It is fasinating how they all. With just smal difrenses. Describes them.
All with 4 legs. AND wings.
Are no other creature that have that. (not including inseckt tho)

I just love that whole puzzel.

Btw. Don't take this the wronge way:)
one of my post pusrpose. Is that any theory. Should be testet:)
(another is that I hope that someone can explain the dragonthing to me. Or one of the many other simularitys from arond the world and history)
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Re: Demon/Angel theory
Post # 9
This is my belief (it grew from this theory).
Actual Demons/Angels - fragments of our minds.
And what *someone* would CONSIDER a demon/angel/dragon/spirit.../ are simply higher beings (who we summon/call to aid us).
And deities are a life force we and higher beings came from, just portrayed differently.
Again, this is my belief.
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Re: Demon/Angel theory
Post # 10
And according to a biblical book, snakes had legs AND wings, but god took them away when Adam and Eve made the 'forbidden apple' scene.
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