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Post # 1
my friend from school said to me that he started to have future visions. i belived him at first but one day he looked depressed he was not talking just bobbing along then he had a 'vision' and acted in a total trance for like a min or 2 then when he came out of this 'vision' he said (in a creepy voice) "Its gunna rain" then he said " oh sorry about that i was having a vision" i knew it was gunna rain already it was cloudy and a bad day so it wasnt like a total suprise if it did. A couple of days ago he said he had a vision of someone getting run over it looked like he was making it all up and when i asked for details he stutted like he didnt know and i had caught him out. he knows nothing of magick but he says he does he even think the pentagram is a sign for evil. i need to know if anybody knows of a vision like this or can provide any advise or info. i want him to be telling the truth but i cant realy trust him at the moment!

thank you ,enlm x (and emilyb )
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Re: visions
Post # 2
Firstly, a pentagram can mean many things. I'm not 100% sure what they can fully mean. But I know an upright one (single "leg" pointing upwards) is actually a ward against evil. An uside down one, I think is the opposite.

I get what is called Deja Vu quite often. My advice would be to what him a bit longer, and see how he continues to act.
Check if his "visions" come true. But keep your eyes open in that sense too, as visions don't always show an exact happening but can also be in code, in a way.

It could just be a phase of some sort that'll quickly leave. If it persists for a while, come and tell us of it. ^_^
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Re: visions
Post # 3
The Pentagram has good meaning wherever you face it. But like with the inverted cross, an inverted pentagram has been wrongly used as a Satanic symbol, leading further into the confusion between the Craft and mainstream Satanism.

If you feel it best, please do inform him the truth.
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Re: visions
Post # 4
thanks i will :)
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