Tell parents abt magick?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Tell parents abt magick?

Tell parents abt magick?
Post # 1
Hi, I haven't been on this site in awhile (a long while), because I kind of broke away from magick for the past few years. That's mainly because my parents thought I was obsessed with it and it was an unhealthy hobby. Now I think magick could really help me with my anxiety and all, but my parents act like magick is something evil and should not be talked about. Is there any hope of me changing their mind? I wish I could discuss magick openly with them but they're big non-believers. What should I do?
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Re: Tell parents abt magick?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Just don't call it magick lol

What I mean is that many things in magick have become of common knowledge and widely accepted. Such as mediation/yoga, no parent will be disappointed(id think) of their kid wanting to do yoga, as they know its a relaxing thing and form of exercise.

SO, all you have to rly do is to do things in a mundane manor, that is still a bit of magickal workings for u. Of course, if you truely did become obsessed with it and doing things like constantly, then maybe holding bk a bit might be wise for a while, and to focus on the simple things.

Personally I keep my magick workings to myself(well other then on here or such lol). So, that is to say, my fam don't know of my draw of notebooks, incense sticks, cup, CDs, tarot cards, satanic bible and necromonocon; or of my cupboard full of many other book, one side having books such as The Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard, Modern Magick, books on wicca, paganism, chakras, auras, the list goes on; or the other being of novels, mostly wizardly or magickally based.

If I've learned one thing, is the word 'occult' for me deff lives up to its deffinition: secret. In this case, the secret of a part of me. Personalyl I have no prob with it, but then again it comes VERY natrual to me lol.

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Re: Tell parents abt magick?
Post # 3
You technically don't have to tell anyone about what you do. It is yours and yours alone. Then again, if you are under 18, technically they are your legal guardians and as such they control what you can and can't do. But in the end, once you hit 18, all that control over you disappears if you want it to. I personally don't flaunt who I am with symbols and such, however if someone asks or religion comes up I openly admit what I am.
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