fake spells?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> fake spells?

fake spells?
Post # 1
i heard that most spells in here are fake? what do you peopple think?
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Re: fake spells?
Post # 2
Now you may have to define fake, but i understand what you mean, Some of the spells written here are by unexperienced council members with little knowledge about actual magick operations , hence u get allot of failed spells etc. But there are also skilled and knowledgeable practitioners who have the means to help you, common sense and magickal wisdom will help u determine what spells are proper or not. If u are not sure feel free to mail me.

EVEN! if the spell looks proper one according to magickal law and sanity please make sure that any ingredients you consume is not poisonous nor are u allergic to the products required for u to ingest.

Google is a wonderful tool for situations like these, we do not take responsibility for what u consume but ask kindly that you make sure its safe.

So herbs such as mandrake (american and European) are poisonous and should not be consumed under normal circumstances, i have heard of it being used in medicine but please make sure and do some research before consumption i must re-iterate
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Re: fake spells?
Post # 3
Hey, cesrin.
Yes, imo opinion most of these are fake. As Lady Chocho stated they are even taken from TV.

Most of the people who've tried this site's spells have come back disappointed.
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Re: friendship spells
Post # 4
i want to try the friendship spells. which is best? which ones are fake
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Re: fake spells?
Post # 5

If a spell involves physical changes or summoning physical creatures, it's fake. Sorry :(

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Re: fake spells?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Mentioning a fake spell one by one may took a long time. Either do some self conclusion if it really works or try it to see for your self. My advise is, practice first. Gain knowledge. Gain experience. Try browsing some informative threads here in the forums esp. in the newbie central.l
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