Being Touched

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Being Touched
Post # 1
Hi everyone,

this is my first time posting something on here. I was recently talking to a friend of mine who has been Wiccan for quite some time now. and i am trying to figure out the meaning of something she told me a couple days ago.

She told me that i was "Touched", i was explaining to her the things i had gone through such as shortly after my grandfather died i saw him. then having dreams and being able to solve problems in this life from being able to talk to him about those problems. to being in a rollover going 80 MPH on a dirt road and coming out of it with just a scratch. to this thing i have with animals and them feeling completely secure around me.

Please if you know anything on what that meaning could be. feel free to post i just want to know

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Re: Being Touched
Post # 2
You may have specific natural abilities that she may believe comes from a divine entity.
If she is Wicca perhaps she speaks of a Pagan god(dess) that is characterized being responsible in such situations.

Talk to her about it, find out if she has any personal deities she follows or just believes in.
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Re: Being Touched
Post # 3
Thank you very much Lady Snow, i will definatly talk to her more about it! yea its been kind of confusing to to understand what she meant ive heard of having an angel on your shoulder and all...

Im just confused on the since why me? no one in my family is Wicca, so why would i have been touched? you know thats whats confusing me in this whole thing
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Re: Being Touched
Post # 4
I think your grandfather is watching over you and wants you to know he is still around even after his passing to help guide you in life.

Do you ever get any indications he is with you? This could be anything like..his smell..such as aftershave, tobacco like somethings touched you or a gentle breeze, passing by you? or just a warm content feeling that he is near?

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Re: Being Touched
Post # 5
I used to be a practicer of psychic powers and I channeled a natural ability I had that involved forseing things in the future and getting mostly accurate feelings about things that would happen. Would you consider that being touched?
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