Kamea of sol

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Forums -> Magic Items -> Kamea of sol

Kamea of sol
Post # 1
What is kamea of sol and where can I buy it?
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Re: Kamea of sol
Post # 2
I presume that it is Sun's planetary square , as Sol is sun in Latin and Spanish and Kamea is planetary square.
They can be found in correspondence books on planets and amulets

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Re: Kamea of sol
Post # 3
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Re: Kamea of sol
Post # 4
Kamea is also a Hebrew term for magic square i believe but im not 100% sure on that.

I think it is planet based numbers or maybe has something to do with the tree of life and philosophy but again im not certain.

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Re: Kamea of sol
Post # 5
kamea is the foundation in Kabbalah
kamea is a word taken from hebrew
which means an amulet,a magic square,spirit are also connected with each kamea
kamea purpose and aim is to make the sigils and talismans.planet's kamea has different types of dimensions we can also use it with planets corresponds and with tree of life
each and every kamea has a seal which has a geometric diagram made up so that it can be used to touch on all the numbers of the square
also i wana include here that the rosy-cross diagram was created by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn to provide a simple way so that they can make their own sigils.

now see this
kamea of saturn
some also says that its the sigil of zazel, the spirit of saturn
the magic square kamea of saturn ,saturn is represented by the number 3.
4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6
now how we will going to make a sigil then ???
just convert each letter in name zazel a number now do nothing just mark each number in the kamea. we will
make the sigil by drawing lines between these numbers.
you can use the 1st three letters of the name Z A Z E L which can be fit in the kamea. 30 wont be any number calling, so you can remove 0 and then make this in to 3 because saturn is represented by the number 3.
this will be usefull with the sigil within the magic square.

4... 9...2
... 5....
8........ 6

now the last step come up just gather these 3 numbers these can give learners the sigil
also i wana include here that Saturn rules finance so obiously you need a sigil
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