spell for lost love back

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spell for lost love back
Post # 1
I have been in relationship with aguy from past 3 years, we had good time together for 2 years after that he wanted to end the relation and get married to a girl of his parents choice.I somehow succedded in making his parents like me by casting spells but he still is not interested in persuing the relation coz he wants a new girl, I know making him agree to marry me is against universe law but he is also a cheater and he deserves it.Luckily many of my spells have worked on him.He is not able to marry a new girl, but after all this from past 8 months he has stopped contacting me or speaking to me now i want him to again come back to me and speak to me and marry me .I have used all hoodo magic techniques made him drink menstrual blood,urine :) but now i cant give him anythng coz he has stopped contacting me completely. I want to win this battle i have almost spent 2 years fighting to get him back...... I dont want to Give up ...........lots of witches earlier frm india cheated me by ripping money frm me but not doing any magic..........then i started reading magic frm online made frnds with few witches and started my journey into this field please suggest me what i should do to compell him to speak to me...................
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Re: spell for lost love back
Post # 2
All the energy you spend trying to make someone who doesn't give a hoot about you could have been spent attracting someone who does.

He clearly doesn't love or want you. Sorry to be harsh, but that's pretty obvious. It's also obvious that you are out for a life time of revenge on him which will only make you miserable in the end.

If you ever cared about him, wish him well in life. If you have any self respect...move on and find someone who actually wants your attention.
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Re: spell for lost love back
Post # 3
exactly why NO ONE should mess with love spells
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Re: spell for lost love back
Post # 4
If i give up then its like compromising...........then anybody can use anyone and just walk away in life? I havent wasted my life taking revenge from past 2 years .....I have learnt to fight back.....I have learnt that there are lots of forces in universe which can help me take revenge back..... which can help me find justice..........If people had thought we should not stop running river its against the will of universe then there wouldnt have been dams in this world........I would have wished him good in life but he has cheated me.....used me physically and emotionally......i need to punish him by compelling him to marry me.....
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Re: spell for lost love back
By: / Novice
Post # 5
HI, check this out!

You'll find there something that suits your needs. ;)
She has some really nasty spells, look under "controlling" section! That's a really good blog, don't miss it! :)


Good luck!
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Re: spell for lost love back
Post # 6
Here try the first spell listed

There is a Conjure called , Love me or die , but I would hardly post something like that here , where even kids come

And a piece of advice, well a question more like , well intentioned one , is he REALLY that worthy ?

I don't know but You are risking too much , and I bet You can do better unless it was David Becham or Rafael Nadal You spoke of :P rofl

Any way good luck :)
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Re: spell for lost love back
Post # 7
Forget this bum & move on. I'm a firm believer of 'what goes around, comes around' so stop wasting your time on trying to get him to go contact u or have nasty things happen to him. He'll get what's coming to him, eventually. It's not like he's the only guy on the planet. Move on & find yourself a man who wants u!
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