Modern Shamans

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Modern Shamans
Post # 1
In this time of change, new shamans are emerging, and we are just now discovering who they are. Visionary artists, spiritual webmasters, original code writers, research scientists, and original musicians are today's shamans; they are keepers of secrets, the creators of transcedental experience through their disciplines. These are the walkers between worlds, communicators of hidden knowledge.
To see these modern shamans, we must take the time to stop moving, look around, slow down, and listen to the voice within us that seeks. The location of shamanic wisdom should be clear, allowing you to bring the needed rituals and renewals of body and spirit to you. In past generations, there was only one way of the shaman in culture; today there are several. Because our society is so large and so complex; there are different types of shaman, each with unique gifts and insights.

Techno Shamans- are skilled walkers of electrons and information packets. Their special gift is that of integration of diverse information and the sacred language of mathematics. They access animal energies through both spirit and scientific knowledge of the animals makeup.

Cultural Shamans- are skilled in the visual, auditory, and tactile arts of symbols and signs. Artistic communication across both time and space is their domain. These shamans access animal energies primarily through visual and sound paths into the animals psyche.

Spirit Shamans- are skilled in the integration of the heart, spirit, and mind. Their special talent is in the identification and manifestation of cohesive action through sacred balance. They access animal powers primarily through the spirit energy and heart eccense of the animal.

Enviro Shamans- are skilled in hearing the voices and rumblings of the land and seas. Their special gifts include the ability to expand our concious kinship to the eternal tides of Mother Nature. They access animal powers through the habitat of the creatures and the elemental forces that shape the animals' essential nature and habits.

Although these paths to the magick of animal powers are different, the essential truths of the animals' nature are expressed in each. All are necessary, all are uniquely powerful.
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Re: Modern Shamans
By: / Adept
Post # 2
With all eclectic practices that borrow healivly from cultures outside of your own, one must be very, very sensitive to cultural appropriation. This is being done insidiously with the native spiritual beliefs of American Indians.

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