Cure For MagickalHangover

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Cure For MagickalHangover
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Have you ever had a "magick hangover?" After thhat big spell, you feel really lousy the next day, drained perhaps? That's a magick hangover, and it's not uncommon when you do a lot of magickal workings. What's happened is that you have spent to much of your personal energy for your spellwork; as when you donate blood, it takes time for your body to produce more and bounce back.

Find a quiet place to work, it should be a place where you can sit and relax for twenty to thirty minutes uninterupted, clear of clutter, quiet, and peaceful. Sit comfortably or lie down, whichever you prefer. Close your eyes and begin breathing in through your nose, out through your mouth. Begin relaxing your feet, then ankles and then calves. Become aware of each body part as you go, tighten it, and then completeley relax it until you reach the top of your head. Once you have reached a deep relaxed state, envision a white mist forming several feet above your body. Once you see it clearly in your minds eye, visualize the mist beginning to rain liquid light down upon you. It feels warm and sparkles as it falls on you. You feel the liquid light flowinf down, down, and as it moves over you, it also moves through you. It begins to wash away black specks that you now notice on your aural body, pushing them down through the floor and into the earth, where it will be neutralized. Nothing is stronger than the liquid light and its power to heal, your aural body begins to pulse and glow with strength now that the specks no longer block your personal shining light. Your aura now flows about you, naturally healing itself of any holes or nicks. Now the liquid light has stopped flowing and the mist that it flowed from dissipates. Before you finish, visualize a sheild of light, like clear armor, that no negative energy can penetrate.
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