What is Circle of Light ?

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Forums -> General Info -> What is Circle of Light ?

What is Circle of Light ?
Post # 1
This is , strangely, very little known occult practice that involves simple but powerful ritual, preformed in times of power ( Wheel of the Year holidays , Full Moon , Astrologically inspiring periods , meaning specific planetary alignment , in times of great need etc )

The ritual requires interaction among magickal practitioners ( and people willing to take part in the event described ) as/the more as/the better. Virtualy all tha would not be dissruptive , mocking or obstructive are welocome to join If they like.

Each practitioner lights a single candle in pre-defined time, that is a result of agreement of all participating in the Rite, and while it burns sends 1) their own wishes in Cosmos/ to G'd / their Deities or even to undefined source 2) wishes that all the other participants get their wishes fulfilled

This can take a few minutes of concentration or time amount needed for candle to burn down, that differs from groups to group though it is best If all members of one group start and complete at the approximately same time. If You feel You should add some other element to Your own candle lighting You mady do so. However it is not necesary , better If all preform in a same manner really

This way energy increases and intertwines and Is also a nice way for people to interact.

By me Shadow , Many Blessings all of Ya :)

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Re: What is Circle of Light ?
Post # 2
where did u learn about this i never heard it, the closest to this i know of is this ritual foolish teens playing around with called the 100 candles game which has been reported to actually summon spirits while confessing such stories etc
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Re: What is Circle of Light ?
Post # 3
Read in magick encyclopedia , however done it before I've even read that.

I hope I wasm clear , participants don't have to be on same places. Circles of light are actually often international.
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Re: What is Circle of Light ?
Post # 4
Wow, thanks for the info haha XD
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