I need help with a dream

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I need help with a dream
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I had a dream about two years back, though I am still wondering if it was a dream because I did not fall asleep during those few minutes.
There was a dark corridor with gray cobbled walls on both sides. There was no source of light I could see clearly. There were wooden doors held by metal hinges lining on both sides of the walls, each spaced about one to two metres from each other. The tops of the walls are like the edges of jigsaw puzzle pieces (I am not sure how to describe that). The 'sky' is black with red smoke rising from behind the walls. The corridor did not seem to end, starting to fade to black towards the end like that of distance. As I looked down, I saw red liquid (blood?) leaking from beneath the gap of the wooden doors and the floor, sometimes with some unknown squishy stuff. The floor was suddenly filled with the same squishy stuff (organs? I thought I saw intestine) then something touched my feet. I looked down, saw something that resembled a brain and I was suddenly in my bed again. I remember that the entire scene have no smell and sound.
A few minutes afterwards, (I haven't fallen asleep, freaked as it is) I felt another pull, then I saw something akin to having a book with pictures in it being flipped. Images were flashed; (I can only remember a two) some undistinguishable blobs of grayish-white seemingly screaming (but I cannot hear); a black or gray hooded person. I have an impression that other images were shown to me but even after that moment, I could only remember those two and another.
My friends freaked out when I told them, especially the Christians. They think that it is either the work of a deveil or maybe God.(At that period of time, some of my friends were trying to persuade me to put my faith in God and Christianity)
I really really want to know what that means. The only reason why I am posting this only now is because it has been nagging me the entire night for some reason though I haven't remembered it for the past busy year.
Thanks to those who would take their time to read this.
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