Individual Elements

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Individual Elements
Post # 1
Could someone please list the attributes that are usually assosciated with each individual element?
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Re: Individual Elements
Post # 2
well my friend there can be more but i will list as much information as i can in one instant.

Earth- the earth is the element of strength and wisdom, it personfies both mother earth and masculine strength as well. Think of the earth as than just stone, the earth referres to nature as well, grounding, level headedness, well structured, but it can also have a negative trait of being unmoving. The earth is harmony,peace, fertility and regeneration,the earth is the only element that contains the ablity to produce life energy which is know as pranayama or prana for short.

Water- water is a diverse element mosty seen in a feminine light for those who follow the chakra path. Water is the element of life, water and earth must work in corrospondance in order for balance, one cannot be without the other so if you had a mindset that water is ''better'' than earth then i ask that u change it and understand that all elements have their own place and part to play eleminating one will only cause imbalance. continuing, water is the element of purity, emotiom,psychic connections, healing, cleansing.

Fire- fire the misunderstood element, fire is normally seen as something terrible only causes harm but that is not true. Fire is infamously know for creation, when a volcano or burning of the soil is good for the earth sometimes. Fire is has traits people by pass:- fire can be

Air- air is a subtle but powerful element, for without air fire cannot be sustained. Hence my statement earlier of every element playing part in the collective whole. Air has traits of change, one direction can suddenly reversed or thrown into another course, air has similar traits as fire.

And a little info on the higher elements.

Ether- ether is the space in which everything exists, ether is also represented under sound. It has special cleansing properties which is needed in special rituals. Hence you will see bells are used in some cleansing rituals.

Spirit- spirit and ether are almost like brother and sister closley inlined with one another, spirit is represented as our own thought, negative or positive.hence in rituals and magick on the whole, your mind is the most important tool without it you cannot produce the correct results after a spell.

Dark- another misunderstood, element closely seen as plain evil and wickedness and death. But black/death can also mean peace and harmony with god. And divinity.

Light- light another element closely only seen as good, did you know that lucifer was the angel of light. Light can also be death etc.
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Re: Individual Elements
Post # 3
Thank you :]
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Re: Individual Elements
Post # 4
your welcome, anyone who thinks i left out some things you can add them by reply. Thts all i have for now.
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