mojo/medicine bags?

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Forums -> Magic Items -> mojo/medicine bags?

mojo/medicine bags?
Post # 1
someone reconmended one of these to me, could someone tell me what they are and if possible how to make one?
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Re: mojo/medicine bags?
By: / Adept
Post # 2
Here are a few articles/mojo bag "recipes" from my blog:
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Re: mojo/medicine bags?
Post # 3
The way i have made them in the past is to start with a little fabric bag w/ something like a drawstring to close it. I like to make mine. A small bit of fabric (flannel is traditional) a string and a needle and thread. you can also purchase the bag. just make sure to smudge it first. The fabric color would be choosen based on what the bag was for. red-love mojo, green-luck or money mojo, etc. herbs, bits of paper with a name. Coins, can be added. You can add a cinnamon stick and cloves in a luck mojo along w/ an old silver dime. even a penny with the year of you're birth. all these items correspond to money and luck. some like the items to come out to a uneven number, some feel there are to be three items only. It's up to you what you feel is right. After you are finished making it. make sure to infuse it with your intent it and keep it with you.

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Re: mojo/medicine bags?
Post # 4
A mojo bag is a tool that pagans use to assist in spell work. The way a mojo bag is made depends on what your goal is with the bag. A good way that i start with to make a mojo bag is hand making the bag itself out of whatever color cloth corresponds to the goal you are trying to reach. ex: Say that I was looking for a job and wanted a lil help. I would start by making a bag out of green, yellow, or gold cloth. (green=money, yellow/gold=success)
Next try to look up the right herbs, crystals, amulets, or personal items that will help you reach your goals. ex: we will keep it simple for this example I will fill my money bag with dried ginger root, cinnamon, and pyrite (fools gold).
Now before you start on anything make sure you have your altar set up with the right candles and incense too. Purify all of your tools and ingredients by whatever methods you choose for cleansing. I run my tools through incense or sage smoke to purify. Some mojo bags use incantations others use meditation to charge them. Just look into whatever type you want to do for your personal mojo bags.
If you are not sure don't be afraid to ask questions its better to know what your doing before you get started. Hopefully this helped a little. Good luck to you on your path. Blessed Be!
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