Weird happenings

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Weird happenings
Post # 1
Okay, just yesterday 2 friends of mine stayed the night at my house. Both are into Wicca. Weird things were happening. we think there is something bad in my house. One friend thinks maybe someone is targeting a certain type of people. i was wondering if anything really weird has happened to anyone else?
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Re: Weird happenings
Post # 2
when intuitive people get together "things" present themselves clearer one sees something and another confirms it and then they pay attention to it and get a stronger image of what it could be. if nothing came at you it could easily have been a "friendly" but seeing things you don't understand puts off a natural warning signal in you - I once had an one of these benign spirits and dispatched him and in doing so I accidentally dispatched the "friendly" too leaving myself vulnerable and lonelier then I realized I could find myself in an empty house. rationalize it out and unless you get a confirmation malevolent intentions leave it be
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Re: Weird happenings
Post # 3
If you expect to see Dire Portents of Dreadful Doom everywhere you look, you'll almost certainly discover at least some stuff that you can interpret as signs of impending disaster.

It's called "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy," and we see it all the time in newcomers. The reality of occult practice is far more prosaic than you imagine it to be.

Actual portents are extremely rare, and most if not all of the stuff that you will see going on around you on a daily basis has absolutely no occult significance whatsoever.

I assure you: the Universe is not filled with demons and other malefic entities out to cause trouble for you; there is no hidden war going on between the Powers of Light and Darkness that only you are aware of; the Zombie Apocalypse is not right around the next corner; and the world is not going to come to an end on 21 December 2012. Are we quite clear on all of that now?

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Re: Weird happenings
Post # 4
My previous post may or may not be challenging, depending on how wedded the original poster is to her preconceptions or fantasies.

I'm not always sarcastic. But so many of the posts on this site just DEMAND that sort of response that one feels compelled to fill the void.
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Re: Weird happenings
Post # 5
Yes I have dealt with many strange happenings. Especially in groups. Now be careful because what you may experience with weird happenings could have a logical reason behind them. Now don't get me wrong I am not trying to say that your experience was false or that you are just crazy. That would just be rude and likely to be very untrue. Just take a look at your experience and see if you can find something logical to explain what you have been through.
Now from the other point of view I also believe that when people, (especially pagans) are together in groups the group gives off an energy that spirits and demons are attracted to. Also keep in mind that just because an experience is weird or creepy it doesn't always mean that you are dealing with something evil. Try meditating on your experience and see what you can learn from it. If you would like to know my stories send me a message and I would be glad to share them with you.
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