Human observation.

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Human observation.
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Now. When people interact in a conversation the one who makes points gains more energy. also giving attention brings energy to the person, making conversation clear. Arguements are a diffrent story. When two are fighting, the one who makes more points, their energy lashes out and absorbs the others and the victor is the one who takes most energy away. Now. as for children, a son would cling more to the mother and the daughter to the father, the reason being is that we are born with our sexes energy, boy with male, girl with female, etc. Now the reason they cling is to get the opposite sex is to gain the energy. because humans go for both energy and that's why we fall in love quickly, it's not love it's the shring of energy that makes us feeel love. The universe has both energies, drawing from it we no longer need the opposite energy because we take from the source that is both.
Now, with that happens, a male join in a relationship with a female, we become one body with two heads, but for abit it becomes good, after awhile to results into a power struggle until one is fed up and leaves. Which if married leads to divorce or boyfriend, girlfriend leads to splitting only to search for another mate. But when both learn to absorb both energies from the source relationships can gain to a new level, a new vibration. Thus if everyone does it, our whole planet will reach a new level causing everyone to jump in evolution.
By vibration I mean what it means, see, a hydrogen atom pairs with another causing it to vibrate to another level or transend.

Now Jesus Christ was able to walk on water and even transend into heaven. Now ancient knowledge shows that the Mayans where able to tap into the power and transend far beyond us which they all walked into heaven together, causing a revelation.
Now their calender says that the age will end in 2012.
I think it's going to awake everyone up.
Now if we vibrate at a new level soon we will be lgith enough to walk on watger or even transend into heaven.
There are so many relegions because everyone is on a diffrent understanding. the world will be a better place when we evolve together.
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