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Post # 1
What does it mean to concecrate your magickal tools? What are some good ways to do so?
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Re: Concecration
Post # 2
To concecrate your magickal tools this means that you are cleansing them and purifying them for your ritual/ spell casting use and dedicating them for that purpose,you are cleansing them from negative energies this should always be done in my opinion as soon as you buy or make them ie wand ectra,and you are empowering/infusing them with your own energy also so i suggest not letting any other person handle your tools.

There are a few different ways people do this it depends on your path i suppose.

Some prefer doing it outside and others may cast a circle before hand and perform this in their sacred space.

You will need.

Tools make shift alter if performing it out doors.
Incense+holder(censor) to represent the air, red candle to represent fire, small bowl/ pot of water,salt to represent the earth.

Before you begin dedicate the tools to whomever ie lord and lady or which ever dieity you worship ectra.

Take your tool to be concecrated in your hands (name your tool out loud) pass it through the incense smoke three times whilst saying something like by the power of air and the spirits of the east i purify you and dedicate this (name of tool) to purity of thought and to harm none ectra.

Next repeat the above process by passing your tool through the flame of the fire candle being careful not to damage the tool or burn yourself, i purify this tool by the spirits of the south and fire and burn from it all impurities ectra.

Then repeat the same process by sprinkling water on the tool three times and dedicating the tool to the spirits of the west and say something like i cleanse this tool with water and purify it and wash it clean from harm and hurt ectra.

Next touch the tool and name it to the pot of salt i purify this(tool) with the power of the earth and spirits of the north,to mother earth i ground these tools to purity and steadfastness.

Once all your tools have been concecrated thank the elements and the spirits, dieties, lord and lady it's basically your own personal choice.

If it's your athame then it is usually courtesy to present it to Lord first then the lady, if chalice lady first then the lord.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Concecration
Post # 3
You are right Ginseng, it is different for different paths. With Satanic conceration of tools they will be done in the name of Satan on a full moon.

We begin by lighting our incense and candles, and reciting the opening prayer.

Then a similar process is done by passing them through the insence smoke and candle flames

I wont elaborate much more, But its ended with the reciting of an Enochian Key.
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