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HI, Need Help
Post # 1
Hi everyone, I have been dealing with a situation regarding a very intense connection. At first I thought the person was a psychic vampire. I ended all the communication with him because he could cause me a great deal of pain. Then I wondered if he was using astral projection because he comes to me at night or very early in the morning. Cleansed my chakras and had a friend go in and check for a connection to him. There was no connection seen. But, I can not shake the pain around my ribcage that tends to shift to other parts and if I think about him the pain intensifies. So, not sure what is going on. I know he is in Wicca but doesn't follow the rules. Any ideas as to what he could be using? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated thanks so much :)
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Re: HI, Need Help
Post # 2
Well if he doesn't follow the rules of Wicca he's not Wiccan.

My advice if you are experienced and studied in magick would be to shield yourself and sever the ties to him. Doing those things should help you quite a bit. (I used to have a similar problem.)
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Re: HI, Need Help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Don't forget to check out the mundane reasons for your pain as well as possible magical ones. If you have something physically wrong that is causing you pain then the anxiety of thinking about him can make that physical pain seem worse as well. You might want to get checked out by a doctor just to make certain there isn't something going on with you health-wise.

The first two steps you took are excellent ones. But you didn't mention whether you have done any personal shielding or created wards for your home. Those are important anytime to provide protection for yourself.

There's a good and simple shielding technique at

And another good discussion at

And for wards you might want to read this:

Also, there is a classic book on the subject by Dion Fortune called "Psychic Self-Defense".

Also, I'll point out that if you permit yourself to keep worrying about this person and dwelling on what they "might" be doing you are maintaining a connection to them that isn't helpful to you. So try to believe that they no longer have any power over you and are therefore not worth thinking about.

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