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Info really needed?
Post # 1
I don't mean to sound pretentious (by which I mean I probably am about to sound so), but the vast amount of information on the spells section of this site pertaining to the more negative aspect of magic is perplexing.

All too common are the revenge spells, bad luck or general "Hex's". Whilst I do not deny that people should be allowed to make their own choices in what they read, speak and act upon, many of the souls looking for revenge, harbouring negativity, will oft read a spell but never search the forums for more enlightened advice on the matter.

This is not a jibe at those many people on this forum who are (obviously) better enlightened in the workings of magic. But God, Goddess (or both) forbid, those same negative spells could indeed cause harm and could fuel those of evil intent, or simply those lost souls in a dark place, to cause harm, to themselves or others.

That's enough moralisation for one day. I know this was my first post and I sound like a wannabe saint, I am not, and I am not trying to be, all I am saying is that information is a powerful thing. A blessing for the wise, a curse otherwise.
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Re: Info really needed?
Post # 2
I know what you mean. I hate that alot of people only want information on hexes and things like that. The only thing we can do is inform them of what the consequences are. If they choose to procede with it then the karma is on them. I've learned from experience to never do magick in a hurt or angry state. I make bad things happen then. lol. All I ask is that people use their common sence. If you shouldn't do it without the use of magick than it's probubly not a good idea to do it with the use fo magik.
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Re: Info really needed?
Post # 3
Exactly. I am by no means great in the workings of magic, and have found that even spells cast with the best of intentions (but with little thought), can sometimes cause so much harm.

I mean if you've got feelings of negativity, your human, so just go take it out on a punch bag. But to actively amplify those energies, through the workings of black magik, hex's or curses, can only multiply the negative energies you are working with, damaging all those involved.

Blessedly, most of the time, when the emotions are so intense, I tend to find I can not even work my computer effectively, let alone gather the focus needed to work magik.

Lol, yet again, I sound like I'm moralising. Just my two cents anyway guys.

Love and light all.
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