Long dist healing spell?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Long dist healing spell?

Long dist healing spell?
Post # 1
My sister in law was just admitted to a specialty hospital (2 hours away) with major heart problems that are so bad she may end up having to have open-heart surgery. I do not have alot of items. Does anyone have an easy long distance healing spell that they know of that would work?

Please help? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!
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Re: Long dist healing spell?
Post # 2
Here are some things you can try:

1) Karma Problem
The reason why people can sick or ill is because of karma.
You can bless your sister in law by chanting
You can also buy some live animals and let it free, but don't buy chicken or any animals that can't live on its own. That is like killing them.
You can also donate money to charity by blessing your sister in law.

2) Distance Healing
Sit and close your eyes and relax. Feel that you're sending healing energy to your sister in law. Feel the power.

I prefer doing both.
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Re: Long dist healing spell?
Post # 3
you sick. That is very insulting in my book to even insinuate that is karma why the user's sister in law is ill.

Any way in terms of the healing, healing is an intricate art. Is using the energy system delicately to pulse and diffuse through another body or your self.

i can help you with that this all depends on how good you can manipulate energy.

1) Get into a meditative state
2) Gather your energy visualising a green wave spiral into a ball.
3) focus on the person in mind and send the ball of healing into them, make sure that healing is the main intent. also visualize the person's aura layered with gold, and pink (a soft pink, not hot pink or fuchsia)
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Re: Long dist healing spell?
Post # 4
Karma is "Cause and Effect", that is the PHYSICS law, nothing is dependent, everything happens for a reason. There was a Pranic Healer, Stephen Co, he is a very powerful healer, but he can't even heal the person, and he told the family to do tithing because of the karma problem, after that, the patient was getting well soon.

If you don't believe me, you can look up: Pranic Healing and Stephen Co

I think you need to buy the book to read that article, but you can search it on Youtube about Pranic Healing.
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Re: Long dist healing spell?
Post # 5
i know karma is the cosmic law of cause and effect, but normally it is not the cause for someone's illness . it can happen but normally chakras are the issue not everyone that pops up on youtube and television actually know what are talking about, even a karmic issue can be healed.
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Re: Long dist healing spell?
Post # 6
Yes, illness is related to chakra.

We have two layer auras, if chinese medical is included would be 3 layers. There are chakras in the aura.

Aura contains our:

They all have connections, if one goes wrong, others will be affected.

For example, if our health go bad, our luck would decrease. We can energize the Chakra to increase the health and then luck may increase.

Karma is like a barrier, if karma is weak, then the person can easily get sick. So that is why doing good deeds will increase one's health and luck.

Chakra is the energy point.
Luck is the aura and had connection with Karma.
Health is connected to the Chakra.
Karma is also the aura. (Barrier)

That's why in Buddhism, they would suggest people to do more good deeds to increase one's Karma, then they would have good health, wealth, and good fortune.

Bad Karma attracts illness, so if the person got healed, but the karma will still make the person sick.

Good Karma attracts positive energy to the person, if the person got sick, he or she will easily recovered.

So that is why I suggest Karma, instead of Chakra. Chakra healing only prevent illness for a time. But Karma is for a longer time.

It depends on the person.

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Re: Long dist healing spell?
Post # 7
A simple prayer shall do well , or an egg healing spell. Dress blue seven days candle with Healing oil and burn for them seven days. Possibilites are many

Here this might give You and idea of what You could do :
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