breast growth spells???

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> breast growth spells???
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breast growth spells???
Post # 1
well i kind of have NO boobs at all :( and that makes me insecure because this boy i like likes girls with breasts i think... but i dont know. but is there any spells that work?? please help me :(

Re: breast growth spells???
Post # 2
Honey, take it from me: trying to change yourself magically because some boy you like is letting his gonads do his thinking for him is NOT a good choice. You aren't even 15 yet. You do NOT need to start obsessing over what your body isn't at that age.

Instead learn to love the body you have. A woman who is comfortable and happy in her body is always beautiful and lovable.

Re: breast growth spells???
Post # 3
Honey. I saw your profile picture. You have nothing to worry about. Trust me. I was a C in high school and they tend to get in the way. Now I'm about 3 sizes bigger and it constantly hurts my back and kills my posture. You'll be fine. it takes time for some women to develop but trust me it's more of a curse than a blessing.

Re: breast growth spells???
Post # 4
guy like them all shapes and sizes. when we say we prefer one size it just means we like one size more then another but we still like them all. as the comedian ron white once said "It could be some 60 year old biker chick saying 'you wanna see em?' and we'd more then likely be inclined to say 'sure do!'" so bottom line is dont worry about it.

Re: breast growth spells???
Post # 5
Massage the underside of your breasts.
This has been suggested a few times.
Takes time but it apparently works.
(I wouldn't try, I have the goal to be flatchested.)

Re: breast growth spells???
Post # 6
look, all she wants s a speel. she didn't ask for any opinions on how she's fine. I completely agree with all of you but I did this once too and I apprecited the comments on how I look beautiful anyways, but I still wanted that spell.

Re: breast growth spells???
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
You're a kid.
No boobs for you.

Re: breast growth spells???
By: / Novice
Post # 8
You can want a spell all you want. Doesn't mean there is one out there that will work.
There are natural solutions, but because you don't sit in front of a candle and chant, people tend to ignore them and deem then "non-magickal".

There isn't a spell to solve all lifes little problems...real or imagined.

Re: breast growth spells???
Post # 9
I don't want to look at everyone's ages so take this as just being a guy and I always say "anything more then a handful is too much!" :P

Re: breast growth spells?
Post # 10
Try this go into a state of comeplete meditation and picture a door then above the door a sight that says subconscious mind then go throuth the door and so a compter inside labeled sigestions and type in what you want ike my breast are growing or something like that

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