The Moonlight

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The Moonlight
Post # 1
Hi everyone

I was just wondering. It is said that spells are most powerful if done in the full moon's light and also that cleansing of objects etc. are best in the moon's light.

But the moon just reflects the sun's light, so wouldn't it be the same as when you do the spell in sunlight?

I know that the moon symbolizes things, but what about the light?

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Re: The Moonlight
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Well moon and sun are both good and powerful energies to use. When you observe full moon light is used for specific things, while sun light for others. You are looking at it in a scientific point of view which is great, but also remember that there are meanings behind the symbol of the moon its energies, and the symbol that is the sun. This is the main difference.

To answer you question yes, you can do very powerful spells at day light too, it depends what spell you want to cast, there are special more powerful characteristics for each individual spell, than just a full moon.
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Re: The Moonlight
Post # 3
Ok thanks, I was just wondering. :-)
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Re: The Moonlight
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
It's not so much that the spell needs to be done in the moonlight as it is that the phase of the moon can add extra energy to a working. So you could do a spell needing the energy of the Full Moon in broad daylight and get the same result that you would get doing it at night.

Some spells do best at certain phases of the moon. For instance spells for growth or prosperity do best when cast during a waxing moon...from the dark moon up to and culminating on the full moon. While spells of banishing or decrease do best when cast during a waning moon...from the full moon and culminating on the dark moon. Done that way the energies of the spell are congruent with the lunar energy.

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