Fixed Candles

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Fixed Candles
Post # 1
Does anyone know what herbs and oils go into fixed candles? The people at the occult store want to keep it a secret and I want to use it to help other people. My favorite fixed candle is the Intranquil Spirit Candle. Anyone who can teach me how to make that would be great.
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Re: Fixed Candles
Post # 2
Intranquil spirirt is not Conjure product , but can not really be used to help.

It is not really a secret , basicingredients are very well known to Hoodooist's that have a good knowledge on Hoodoo herb and root magick.

Since it is a rather harmful product I do not feel comfortable to list the ingredients here where anyone can read them.

But I will explain How to fix a candle and give an example :

Candles can be fixed two ways:
1. Pouring herbs and Condition oil into melted wax , and then making a candle by pouring mixture into the mold or glass container

2. Dressing ( annointing ) the Candle with condition oil and powder of the same or simmilar purpose.

I often use Steady work example when talking about Hoodoo formulas so I shall do it here.

Steady work oil must contain :

B*****n essential oil !
Gravel root in each od the bottle made !!
Blessed salt in each of the bottle made !!
MANY ROOTWORKERS ADD De**l's s***str***s

Other ingredients ( if any ) differ dependin' on Conjurer making the oil

Steady work sachet powder can be simply made of powdered Gravel root and salt to what many may add cinnamon or patchouli

So thes Steady work fixed candle is made of dark blue wax and mentioned oil and powder.

Consider Yourself insanely lucky, few people will give away formulas like I did here

NOTE : Since it is a traditional formula I
replaced certain letters in the name of ingredients with stars, since I do not own nor claim raights over the formula , but one can easily deschifer

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