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protection spell free
Post # 1
This spell is best performed on a Saturday, the day of Saturn which is associated with contraction and thus protection. Find a quiet place where you will not have any disturbances for at least 20 minutes. First, set three white candles in the center of your table or altar. If you are doing this working to protect someone other than yourself, place a picture of him/her or write their name on a piece of paper and place it with the candles. Place a protection talisman in front of the candles. Anoint the three candles from top to bottom with Protection Oil. Light the first candle while you say, "Spirits of Protection, surround me and my home with light and love. Let none who wish me harm penetrate this sphere of light. Protect me and those I love from harm, so mote it be." Light the second candle and repeat your invocation. Pause for a few moments and picture yourself or your loved one surrounded by a sphere of light. Repeat both steps with the third candle. While your candles are burning, using quill, ink and parchment to write down what you need protection for (you should think about this before you begin your spell work). Next, light some charcoal and place it in an incense burner or heat safe dish, put a pinch of Protection incense on the charcoal. Take your piece of parchment and waft it through the smoke of the incense while you chant the original invocation, "Spirits of Protection, surround me and my home with light and love. Let none who wish me harm penetrate this sphere of light. Protect me and those I love from harm, so mote it be." Fold you parchment up into a small square and place in along with the herbs and a stone with protection properties into a mojo bag. You can carry the mojo bag with you wherever you go, or you may simply place it under your pillow. Finally, you will let your candles burn all the way out while you meditate on the sphere of protective light surrounding you or your loved one. Once your candles are done burning, your Protection Talisman will be charged and ready for you to wear or place under your pillow with your mojo bag. You may repeat this spell whenever you want to recharge it. Sometimes you will see immediate results, sometimes it can take up to two lunar cycles before you see results. The universe works in mysterious ways and assistance will be provided to you in ways you may never have expected. Once you see results from your spell work, always thank the universe for the assistance provided.

get back to me for specifications or if you dont understand anything
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Re: protection spell free
Post # 2
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