Newbie needing help

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Newbie needing help
Post # 1
I met this guy a couple of months ago and due to circumstances beyond both our control he called it off. I want to make another go of things as we both got on really well. The thing that is stopping him from trying again is that his ex is still living in their house. He wants her out and they have come to an arrangement that when she moves out she takes nothing to do with the house.

The thing is now is that she is "dragging her heals". Is there any spell that can be cast to make her move out sooner rather than later?, He won't "kick" her out because that's not the kind of guy she is and it's her that is holding us back.

His friends don't like her, he is miserable with her being in the house but just doesn't have the "push" to do anything about it, she brings different guys back to their house all the time and I don't want things to turn nasty for him.

Can someone help me or give me some advice on how to use a white magic spell on her to get things moving?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Newbie needing help
By: / Adept
Post # 2
You are looking to influence another person, so really, by most definitions, this is not entirely white magic.

I would hot foot her. Google "hot foot spell."

If that makes you uncomfortable, you could do work for her to move on emotionally and physically to something towards her higher good, something that entailed an actual move. Pray for her, light candles for her that she moves onto a new and wonerful chapter in her life. That's about as "white magic" as i can think for this situation.
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Re: Newbie needing help
Post # 3
yes lady gry someone wants to use the dark arts, i rarely will ever give anyone dark arts spells. you could at least try using magickal uses of the psalms if you believe in god.
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Re: Newbie needing help
Post # 4
Thank you for your replies. I am not a big fan of black magic nor am I a believer in God although I am not an athiest. I don't want any harm to come to his ex but will try anything.

The hot foot spell sounds a bit "dangerous" for lack of a better word is it something that a complete beginner can do?

I am not a practicing witch of any kind but do believe in other "forces".

Would there be anything else you would advise?
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Re: Newbie needing help
Post # 5
i will have to do a little reading up on this one, cause its difficult for a non-witch to just cast spells easily since its a gradually growing process and in time you grow.

It like a baby, first they learn to creep then creep.

maybe lady gry knows something. my best bet is you try to persuade her by using empathy or empathic herb like sage, burn in and ask it in your mind (sending the energy to the universe) to do your task.
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Re: Newbie needing help
Post # 6
Thank you Serpentfire, I will give this a go
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