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Help please
Post # 1
i have tried the Three nights of hell spell twice on someone that my good friend and former lover is seeing now ... can you tell me if this actually does work .. I am new to this site and could use all the help i can get when it comes to casting spells
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Re: Help please
Post # 2
First of all you NEED to learn the basics. You need to learn meditation, visualization, casting a circle, and grounding and centering. There are other things to know but those are the foundation of spells.

Second of all, Why do you want to hurt someone? It doesn't matter the reason, you shouldn't do things like that to other people. There is a little thing called Karma (also known as the rule of three)which states what you send out will come back to you. If you don't believe in those than there is always the golden rule. By casting this spell on that person you are bringing bad things right back to you.
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Re: Help please
Post # 3
well said gypsy ! this rubbish people say i don't believe in karma, where you believe or not it affects you. i don't advise you try to harm someone, that person may be very well shielded and your spell will back fire on you, i advise you just stop now and try other solutions to your problems
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Re: Help please
Post # 4
Thanks Serpantfire. I was really tired when I wrote that so I wasn't sure if I got my point across.

I hope things work out for you Sugar. Just try not to hurt anyone in the proscess.
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Re: Help please
Post # 5
That spells is very poorly written, in best possible case it can produce strike of minor bad luck for two of three days, with possible headache lol

And even that in case person is very skilled, so it would be really direct energy atack more than spell

But a word of advice to You , even though "famed" karma and Law of three are not impecable and strictly bounded to specific systems/relligions what You saw is what You'll reap.

In my oppinion it is tremendous lack of manners , and sign of mental weakness to punish someone via magick ( if the object or target if You will, are not a practitioner themselves ) , even more for silly reson like Yours.

Be creative there are many mundane , legal ways to do what You aimed

Magick should not be looked at as solve all :D
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