feeling weird

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feeling weird
Post # 1
I never perform spells and I'm not a wicca but I got interested and decided I would try one fully knowing possible consequences and looked up a counter spell just in case. So I perform the Breast Expansion spell. I did it three times to make sure I pronounced it right. Right away I felt my eyes watering, running nose, pain in my breast and stomach. Then half a hour later I sneezed and it all went away. Is that suppose to happen?

I personally have no experience with magic just I had facination since I was young. I have had many psychic visions when I was younger. Now I seem to have on them on rare occasion or just not take notice of them until the event happens...
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Re: feeling weird
Post # 2
and now my chest hurts again...
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Re: feeling weird
Post # 3
You NEED to learn the basics before casting any spell. You need to learn meditation, visualization, casting a circle, and grounding and centering. There are other things to know but those are the foundation of spells.

Honestly, I don't think that glamor spells (any spell that changes your appearance) work. By trying to change that part of yourself, you are trying to alter your genetic makeup. That just can't be done. There are some people who say that it can but I don't think so. If you want to expand that area it's better just to buy a padded bra.

Being psychic has really nothing to do with the spell you cast. Even though being psychic is a great gift to have (I know from experience) it's a different branch of magick. The basics of magick will help you strengthen your abilities as well.
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Re: feeling weird
Post # 4
try doing a simple spell thats all heres a spell that'll work im here to find and help

first off prepare yourself for the spell by meditating (no positions needed). After preparing ones self visuallize (if you can) the change in size you or the person wants. Then go to a mirror (if you have one) and chant this as many times as you like:

Help me, help me, help me please
Please make her breasts be cup size *
Soon they will be
Soon they will be
Soon they'll be cup size *

Note 1: can substitute * with A, B, C,or D
Note 2: can substitute her with my
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