My 1st spell, amazing

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My 1st spell, amazing
Post # 1

On the last full moon I cast my very first spell. I've been studying and reading for many maonths, but had never taken it that step further to put it into practice.

About a year ago, I had a falling out with my boss. We had been good friends before this happened and were always in sync in our ideas, actions, and hopes for where the business was going. The incident itself seemed so minor, but coupled with his serious lack of trust for anyone, it completely transformed our working relationship into one of awkward uncomfortable unease.

It was so difficult this last year to go into work everyday, and I did not want to quit because I had invested alot of time and heart into building it. Plus, I really care about him.

So, I spent a couple of days constructing the spell, writing and rewriting it. And on the Wednesday April 28th I lit a white candle and I poured every bit of myself into saying my spell. It was a spell asking for the indifference to fade, for the quarrel to end and for the broken friendship to mend. It was longer than most spells, it wasn't perfect, but I gave it my all. I really believed it would work.

The next day, Thursday, he wasn't at work because of meetings he had elsewehere. The following day he came in and it was the best day I have had there in a long time. I expected it to slowly mend, but the change was instant, shocking and exhilirating. I can't explain just how amazing it was, it wasn't like it was a year before, it was better.

Now, I sit here with a complete mental block. I have always believed in magic, but for this to work and to work so quickly, I'm shocked, awed and humbled.

What next? I have no idea what to do next.
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Re: My 1st spell, amazing
Post # 2
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Re: My 1st spell, amazing
Post # 3
Well. What you can do is thank whatever you asked to help you. Maybe give them an offering or a quick prayr. After that I would keep up with what you are doing. Study more. The more you know the better magick will work for you and the more you will be able to do!

Congratulations on such a great success on your first spell!
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