The key goal

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The key goal
Post # 1
Magick isn't about seeing or proofing. It is about how you use it. Magick is in this world and above the stars, we humans draw down that power so we can use it when we need it. Magick is also inside of us, but not in very high amounts. That is why we draw down that power so we can do what we need.

Tv shows, books, games, movies, and more have spoiled most of us with their special effects. Some of those do have some real magick knowledge but they never do what most of us do with magick. But even tho they do teach us a bit they never do any good because they just talk about it, not show it in the right way.

Everyone does magick differently and believe in it differently. Because we made so many choices with magick we never can agree on everything about it. Magick is a timeless energy flow that flows everywhere around us. Some of us can find a strong flow and use it and others can't. That flow of energy changes and forms into different uses, that is why we can do lets say fire magick with it and letter on use wind magick. Like the wand we use that lets us have a better control over this flow when we are the wand itself that draw the power around us and put that power threw the arm to the wand to use. Everything has energy, us and the air. You can call this being a psi vampire but we all can be one and it isn't bad being one. Why? We all have different ideas what is good and evil, the point on finding it is looking in your heart.

We all are different even if we believe in magick we are still different because we use it differently. Like above mind magick is using the same flow as earth magick, just used differently.

Of course we don't have to use magick everyday. Just because you don't do it everyday doesn't make you any weaker or less into magick. Spells are just our will sending into the stars and hoping to get a strong responds back, a feedback if you may. Like sending a howl and get more howls calling back.

If this doesn't help then that is alright, I just wanted to get this idea out there...
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Re: The key goal
Post # 2
check. . .i t0tally agree . . .so hw lng hv u been d0ing magick . . ?
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Re: The key goal
Post # 3
Been studying it for 4 years close to 5
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Re: The key goal
Post # 4
I think this is a good lesson for those new to magick. I think that the only point I disagree with you on is how much energy we hold in our bodies but then again you said that no one agreed 100% of the time :P Nice job!
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Re: The key goal
Post # 5
Lol thanks, most of my studies just say magick is both an art and an science. But none of them every really said what it is. Hope this helps a lot of people.
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