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some info
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new moon- the time for magick which involves new things,fresh starts,new beginings. the rite of naming, or wicaning is often held at the new moon.

waxing moon- this is the time of groth,and for magick which involves groth and increase.

full moon- this is the traditional time for magick and a partically good time for protecttion and fertility magick.the full moon handfasting and writes of coming of age, often all held at the full moon.

waning moon-a time for seeding things away,old habbits unwanted feelings.the late waning moon a few days prior to the dark moon,is often time for he rites of widthdrawl writes of crowning are also sometimes held at this phase.

dark moon- the three days at which there is no moon visible in the sky it is better not to work spells or magik at this time as it has a tendency to misfire.


for a herbal bath prepare an influsion by pouring 1 litre of boiling water onto a handfull of herbs.leave to stand for approx 20 minutes,then strain pur into a runing bath.

amica- injuries,bruises,pain aching muscles

basil- nervous headaches,insomnia and muscle cramps.

lavender- poor circulation,menopausal problems,insomnia.

lemon balm- insomnia,nervous tension,stress-induced headaches.

peppermint-headaches,asham,dry coughs,joint an muscle pain.

rose-insomnia,nervous tension,headaches,eye infections,conjunctivites.

rosemary-mental exhaustion,headaches,coughs,poor circulation,menopausal problems,brusies.

sage-exhaustration,perianal itching,grazes,asthma.

stinging nettles-skin impurities.

valerian- insomnia,overachive thyroid,anxie


the first degree- the aspirants statment of begining to learn and walk the path of the they are starting to learn.
this relates to the new moon,the maiden aspect,youth and enthusiasum,knoledge of life,knoleddge and understandin of the self

the second degree-the initate is considerd ready to take the next steap,that of learning to relates to the full moon,the mother aspect,maturityand fruitfulness,knolege of death and understanding to others , many witches normally choose their name at this point to.

the third degree- the initiate is ready to start their own coven if the circum stances are right,teaching to learn more one self,for as we teach we learn.


gardnernian-this tradition was founded by gerald gardner who is sometimes known as the farther of modern witch craft. gardnernian witch craft is strongly based around geralds own book of shadows and his rituals are closly ahead.

. alexandrian-this branch of the craft was founded by alex and maxine sanders .it is less rigid and more flexible than gardnerian craft.

.hereditary-this,as the name indicates,is witchcraft which is passed down from one genaration to the next though the familly line.

.traditional- this term relates to witchcraft which is not so much learned as remembred. trditional witches is those for whome the craft comes instinctively. they often work magik and understand the precepts before descovering the craft.

. hedge witch- these are witches whose craft is almost entirely based around the land and nature. they work almost exclusively through herbs and plants.


divination is the art of finding out that which would other wise be hidden. it is one of the key skills of the witch,and one we are frequently asked for.there are many techniqes which can be used like tarrot, runes,crystal ball,tea leaves,pendulums and so on , it is not possible to describe all of these techniques and skills involved here. divination does not have to take place in a sacred space, nor as part as a ritual,but when it does it is that much easier to preform and tends to be more accurate, any kind of divination can be aided by divination oil. below is hoiw to make your own.

2 drps frankincense,2 drops lemongrass,2 drops nutmeg,2 drops clay sage,1 drop bay and 1 drop rose oil.

this can be worn,applied to divination tools or burned in an oil not use if you are or may be pregnant!
also it is almost inpossible to divine for yourself because of inner emotions etc also do not try and test your divination tools
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