new kind of magick

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new kind of magick
Post # 1
i am new here have experience with magick thou. i am into the space and earth magic mostly space. anyone know space spells or a type of kinesis that is space style or any earth styles im trying to develop my own element wich is the same name as my account name so thanks for anyone who chooses to help
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Re: new kind of magick
Post # 2
Idea nice name needs work though. Anyways beat you to it.
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Re: new kind of magick
Post # 3
In my opinion, any new element would just be a psuedo element, made through the combination of pre-existing elements.However, if you can do it, then do it.
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Re: new kind of magick
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
I have seen a few sites before talking about different kinds of magick like this. I'd have to do some searching again, but some of this already exists.

And as for vortex, a vortex is more like a black whole, aka a void, so you'd basically be working with nothingness.

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Re: new kind of magick
Post # 5
I Agree with glim a vorteex is a black hole it sucks in everything and not even light can escape it mix it with the element earth think of the catastrophy it could cause sucking in everything that is aligned with earth then u will throw ballance into chaos
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Re: new kind of magick
Post # 6
A vortex is not necessarily a black hole.
A vortex is just a spiral flowing cone.
A black hole is literally a hole in space that generates unfathomable amounts of gravity, destroying practically anything made of matter as it enters.

Black holes are vortexes, but not all vortexes are black holes.

It's like saying all even numbers are 4.

As for voids, black holes are not voids, they are imploded stars which gives them their massive gravitational energy.
There is a theory explaining what black holes are: sort of pockets existing in space that hold tiny little particles within them of the various things they've sucked up, therefore not voids.
Black holes are very real, a void on the other is a concept showing the existence of nothing within an infinite space.

And no Destrono, you'd just destroy Earth, there would be nothing left of Earth to be chaotic.

Regarding the original post, this field of magic technically existed long before you were born. :P
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Re: new kind of magick
Post # 7
wait wait.. a sec when did i say anything about mixing them i want to study space magic and earth magic ok
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Re: new kind of magick
Post # 8
If it wasnt for black holes we wouldnt have had the atomic ionization effect which helps create galaxies.

Like Lady Snow said a black hole is a Collapsed star, with the gravitational pull so powerful that light cant escape, With the atomic particles of light being Luminons, they are suppressed by the substance that we know as dark matter. This is as a black holes ''escape velocity'' is too large.

Escape Velocity is the velocity an object must attain to escape the gravitational field of a more massive body.

It is unsure of what is contained within a Black Hole as it emits no radiation, and we can only speculate about conditions inside, but it is said that black holes formed very early on in the Universe gave it the first light, by the matter contained in them heating up as it entered. this would have caused the widespread ionization.

A vortex in Astronomical terms are created by the fifth force. They lead us in to the realms of Vacuum forces and Virtual particles. Any vacuum is a boiling mass of virtual particles which always appear in pairs comprising of a particle and antiparticle. You will often find that what is described as a Vortex is a galaxy in its very early stages, with the gravitational force from the central star not that great as it has not yet reached G2 status, thus the swirling mass of gases are wide spread not yet being drawn in.

A void Cosmologically speaking is a break in the space continuum, In theory they work as worm holes upon entering creating gateways to different locations, with the dark matter all at the edge so it seems like nothingness. But the theory is that contained within is so much energy that you would travel at the speed of light once entered, you just have to locate the centre.

Astronomically speaking Voids are the spaces between galaxies sometimes containing no Stars, but there is nothing to say that one wont form within the void.

yes the Earth would be destroyed if there was a large enough black hole in our solar system, But that Wont happen until our sun goes supernova, and by that time it would have already expanded enough to engulf The first four planets, so earth would not exist. Then once it has settled back down it will eventually supernova.

May i suggest vortexagon that you try planetary magic. :)
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Re: new kind of magick
Post # 9
I also think you wont be able to create an element in space as there are no elemnts as such, Elements are not created until a galaxy is,

There would only be the basic atomic structures of matter :)
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