Heal Broken Heart & Fear?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Heal Broken Heart & Fear?

Heal Broken Heart & Fear?
Post # 1
This? a little lengthy, so I hope you?ll bear with me, but I thought I should include all the facts before asking for advice?

My ex-husband and I were married for nearly 17 years. He was on drugs and wouldn?t let me go, so I had affairs. Eventually, I was able to get out and after two years of separation, we got divorced last year, making it three years apart, now.

Since the divorce, he has gotten clean and when he recently came to town, I found he?s a changed man and I still love him and want him back. He still loves me, too, but there are two problems: (1) he?s afraid that I won?t be faithful, even though I explained I only cheated as he was on drugs and wouldn?t let me go, and (2) he?s still healing from a break-up with his last girlfriend a month ago. So now, I want to know if there are any spells I can cast which will get rid of the fear he has of re-committing to me and get rid of his heartbreak (I?m afraid that if she called and wanted him back, he?d go, too)? I would just let time work on him, but as I live in Ohio and he (and his ex-) both live in Florida and he?ll be going back in about two weeks, time is of the essence, here. I?d like to have a promise ? or something like it ? before he goes back.

I?ve seen spells on getting over fear and on getting over heartbreak, but they were for oneself; can I change them to cast them over him or do I need something different? And can I do both with one spell, so as to not overdo it?

Thanx for any responses or advice you give.
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Re: Heal Broken Heart & Fear?
Post # 2
You can redirect them onto someone else, and I see no reason why you can't combine them.

On to the non-magickal opinion...

You need to take a bit of responsibility in this matter. While youre hubby may have been messed up, he didn't make you cheat. You did that on your own. Excuses aside, you made a decision and he obviously see's that.

Now, when people recover from addictions..typically it really is BEST for them to remove themselves from their former lives. As hard as it sounds, being with you again could trigger the addiction. Not to say you are to blame for that, because you're not. However the situations would be similar and psychologically he may not be able to stay clean while in a position he was before while being addicted.

If your reasoning for wanting him back is because he is in recovery and it sparks your love for him again...keep in mind ( you can check it online) most addicts relapse before becoming perminantly clean and sometimes don't become clean ever again.

In 3 years, he is still new to recovery, so this is something you really need to keep in mind if you really want him back. Because if he has a relapse, what will you do then?
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