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Soul Merging
Post # 1
Soul Merging and the Momentum of Light is a world wide phenomenon occurring now. Those who have decided to soul merge first are stimulating the inner call of all humanity to begin their merging with the higher self or spiritual body.

Soul Merging is not a metaphor. To the contrary, it is a direct experience, the literal meeting of Heaven on Earth, the merging of the dimensions! The direct light and higher energies of the soul are piercing through the dimensions into the physical bodies and consciousness of humanity. The choice is now upon humanity to literally receive its own love and light.

Currently only a very small aspect of the soul resides in the physical body. The ''Divine Spark? is located just above the heart chakra. Radiating out from this tiny but powerful presence of light is our spiritual body or light body. Its energy light template can be seen and felt as a spherical body that flows through and overlaps our physical, emotional, and mental energy bodies. Each of these four bodies of existence combined make up our human auric energy field. We direct, create or suppress our four bodies of existence with our consciousness. The divine spark within all humanity is being magnified and amplified by the higher dimensional energy of the soul. The light of the soul is unifying itself with the physical body. As the divine spark within us increases its energy and illumination, it begins to flush the contracted energy of issues, wounds and dramas to the surface. The effects of this energy flushing can be very physical as the human auric field under goes mental and emotional detoxing or spiritual transformation. Some of these mental and physical symptoms are anxiety, attention deficits, bipolar behavior, fatigue, transient depression, headaches, neurosis, insomnia, unusual stress and every other known state of dis-ease.

Soul Merging is an evolutionary leap into higher consciousness resulting in a permanent higher fourth dimensional vibratory state of beingness. Until recently, the majority of our soul light has resided in the light of all souls, souls in a state of collective union or at-onement; WHAT WE CALL HEAVEN. As you begin to receive the call of the soul from within, it will be undeniable.

Soul Merging is the literal merging and communion of our physical beingness with the higher energy and light of golden soul essence. The inner call and process of merging is slow at first. You will know because dramatic changes in your life will begin and appear to be beyond your control. Career change, divorce, loss and grief, dis-ease and emotional dramas begin to erupt in order for you to align with the deeper truth of who you are. As the light of the soul begins to merge with the mental and emotional body, self awareness begins to expand, thus altering all previously known realities. Higher soul energies continue to expand self awareness layer by layer, flushing all distorted energies to the surface of your awareness. Self realization begins to increase the connection between childhood wounds and modern day life dramas. The infusion of soul light flushes memory to the surface, giving you the choice to let go. By taking responsibility, the lower energy of core emotional wounds and burdens that have separated you from soul essence begin to be transmuted. The Soul Merging experience can be years in the makin. Many spontaneous healings can occur during this time, sometimes without warning. Life as you knew it continues to dramatically change. Urges to travel are usually related to previous cultural experiences that are also needing to heal. The soul and higher self begin to heighten your intuitional awareness, thereby guiding and directing your daily life. When the moment arrives for the direct experience of soul light, a divine corridor of light will open above you, literally opening the doorways through the dimensions?and the Soul Merge begins. This inter-dimensional merging of divine light begins to transform the third dimensional energies of the physical, mental and emotional bodies into the fourth dimension. Profound waves of pure consciousness, divine light and divine love course through your body. These are the three faces of God, also known as the Trinity. As this occurs you will feel and experience that the three faces of God have been within you all along. Powerful waves of ?the peace beyond understanding? open the egoic mind to the new sensations and expansions of divine mind. Your consciousness literally evolves; now residing and vibrating at a higher energetic state. During this transformation, profound humility and self forgiveness for having misused your life force are experienced. The process continues, transmuting deeper layers of egoic identities that maintained limited and contracted mental and emotional states of existence. As this occurs, multiple heart openings are under way, stimulating and magnetizing higher fourth dimensional energies that purify the physical and emotional body, thus shifting consciousness to higher self awareness that loves first.

Soul merging meditation

Put on some quiet music without lyrics that can play uninterrupted for 15 minutes.

Sit comfortably and quietly, undisturbed and undistracted.

Take a long, slow breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this five times to disengage the adrenal response in your body.

Close your eyes to reduce outside disturbance and distraction, and ask yourself to relax.

Take your right hand and place it on your heart center, which is in the center of the breastbone.

Let your breathing be normal, and make sure you are not holding your breath.

Bring to mind someone or something that you dearly love.

Focus that image and feeling in your heart center under your hand and take in a deep breath. Then let it out slowly, feeling the warmth and love from your heart center spread throughout your body.

Ask yourself to relax even more.

Now invite your soul to be present for a merging. Make sure you are still breathing quietly.

Bring to mind your personified image of your soul and see it standing facing you.

Visualize your soul reaching out to hold your hand. Feel the warmth of the contact and let it move through your hand. Draw it in as a fresh blue light similar to the color of the summer sky. Draw the warm blue light up your arm, letting it flow into every cell. Let the warmth seep throughout your whole body. Feel the sensation of being filled from your head to your toes with a deep warmth and comfort. Take the rest of the time to just enjoy your open heart and your soul's energy of support and love merging with you.

Relax into the sensations in your body. Scan your body from head to toe to anchor the feeling in your mind. Name for yourself any other sensations and emotions you are experiencing.

Take in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Open your eyes and slowly move your fingers and toes. Congratulations! Your first soul merge is complete.

Now you will be more aware of the moments when your soul connects with you in your daily routine. Remember to ask for a merging periodically. It is important that you stop just long enough to receive the sensations of your soul's presence in your body. Then you will begin to see the results of that presence in your life. Meditation---How-to-Create-a-Real-Soul-Connection! &id=3884953

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Re: Soul Merging
Post # 2
For some reason I doubt it is that easy to merge the physical body with the soul, just saying
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Re: Soul Merging
Post # 3
It's a transformation process that does not happen overnight and it's a direct experience for each individual,Therefore it's ones own personal choice not to suppress our four bodies of existence with our conciousness and reach a higher state of conciousness by merging with the higher dimensional energy of the soul.

The meditation was simply an excercise to help you reach your first soul merging but by all means it is not fully achieved in an instant, it could possibly take months to years Soul Merging is the literal merging and communion of our physical beingness with the higher energy and light of golden soul essence.
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Re: Soul Merging
Post # 4
Oh okay, I thought it was implying that it is instant
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