Soul loss Retrieval

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Soul loss Retrieval
Post # 1
One of the major spiritual causes of emotional or physical illness is soul loss, loss of power and spiritual intrusions.
In this post i will discuss soul loss.

When we has individuals experience soul loss we can still function normally, but we may have persistent feelings of something missing from oneself,dissociated or removed from oneself,spacey,lethargic,fragmented emotionaly and physically numb.The greater the soul loss the more challenging and dissociated we become.

With soul loss we are not always aware of this happening,a part of the soul will dissociate from the body to protect itself from emotional, mental or physical damage.The soul is very adaptive and this is considered very healthy and spiritually.

Once the emotional/physical/mental event has past ones soul may return to the body by itself however it may not due to fear of the traumatizing event recurring.Unresolved traumatic events are not the only factor in soul loss,you can give part of ones soul away by loving someone so intense that you give them part of your soul such as a mother giving her soul to her child ectra.

The most prominent symptoms of soul loss is depression, psychic numbing, although we would still be able to function we would most likely feel lost or alienation and discomfort.


Find a quiet comfortable place you will go undisturbed, sit in a comfortable position, loosen your clothing ectra.

Focus on your breathing, the rise and fall of your chest.

Allow your breathing to become slow and a bit deeper letting your eyes close.

Scan your body from head to toe starting from your head moving down slowly to your toes, noticing any areas of tension as you do so, pause and breath through them until they become relaxed.

Call on your power/totem animal asking them to take you to the non-ordinary reality, be this the middle, lower,or upper worlds, where your soul resides.

Follow your power/totem animal wherever it takes you, continuing to breath slowly and deeply as you do so.

Eventually you will come to the place your missing soul piece resides, let your souls missing piece know whom you are and why you are there.

Ask your missing soul to return with you, if it feels apprehensive assure it you will take care of it.

Once your missing soul agrees to return with you reach out and place it's essence within your cupped hands, holding on to your missing soul retrace your steps back to the opening in which you came.

Bring yourself back into your body still holding your soul in your cupped hands, slowly bring your attention and presence into the place you are seated at.

Keeping your eyes still closed slowly take your cupped hands to your heart area open them taking in three deep breathsas your soul part enters your body.

Thank your power/totem animal for its services/help, open your eyes,go look in the mirror into your left eyes reflection(soul side of ones face) and simply say welcome home to your restored soul.

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Re: Soul loss Retrieval
Post # 2
Excellent post ;). I have just tried it and now I feel warmer, better and more 'full' inside.
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Re: Soul loss Retrieval
Post # 3
I'm new here, ahmm, how can you know your power/totem animal?
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Re: Soul loss Retrieval
Post # 4
There is a thread i did on finding your power/totem animal in general info that should help you :)
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