AP Issues?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> AP Issues?

AP Issues?
Post # 1
Okay, so I tried AP this morning, but got the same problem as last time I tried, and the time before:

There is a loud static blaring in my ears, my heartbeat is going rapidly, and my whole body goes numb.
I keep fearing at the time that the stress on my body will kill me (like it's a health problem or something), so I cannot bring myself to go through with it.

I have not heard this happen to other projectors, therefore... I don't know if it's safe for me to AP.

So now what do I do?
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Re: AP Issues?
Post # 2
It sounds like your having some trouble releasing.

This is easy to fix fortunately though it may be time consuming and it may be a while before you can project fully again.

There are different things you can do for this:
1) You are not meditating before attempting projection and this leads to your mind wandering, possible stressful thoughts intruding, and not relaxing. Each of these will lead to the tensing of your body which relaxation is essential in that you have to literally separate your mind and body.

- Meditate regularly and try getting back into the swing of things with a bit of dream control for concentration as you relax.

2) Your chakras are either clogged or aren't all too balanced. When your chakras aren't in good condition your astral body isn't either which explain the pain.

- Start balancing and cleansing your chakras and meditating regularly.

3) You aren't projecting in a way that is safe for you. Each person is different and in the same, projection techniques are different for various people. If you are having trouble following through with the one you are currently using it usually means it requires certain feelings and/or energies to work correctly and safely.

- Research different forms of mental projection and try them out. Once you find one that is safe and easy enough for you, "design" or if one is already available to use- a corresponding astral projection technique. I say mental first because it is easier and much safer.

I hope this helps,
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Re: AP Issues?
Post # 3
Oh, there's no pain... I just feel panicked when it happens because I wonder if I'm having a heart attack or something. Do heart attacks hurt...?

Anyway, someone else told me it's the arcing and sparking of my energy as it tries to leave the body. I have a feeling it may be that. I want to try again, though. This is the third time it's happened, and I have not been able to project yet, but I gotta take a chance, right?
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Re: AP Issues?
Post # 4
be careful and safe, if you succeed tell us how you done it :) i think some of us would love to know ;)
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Re: AP Issues?
Post # 5
So I looked it up... Heart attacks hurt, so I guess it's not a heart attack. (Especially if I can stop it and wake myself up. xD)
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Re: AP Issues?
Post # 6
if you succeed, Id like to know how you overcome these

I tried AP a zillion times but most of the times I fell asleep. People kept finding me sleeping at different places in the house at weird hours lol. Also there are times that happens to me as I feel like Im falling down. Someone told me to let go and let myself fall down so I can succeed; but I cant control it and I cant let go ,I wake up panicked as I feel that way
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Re: AP Issues?
Post # 7
LoL Interesting.

Well take some of my advice if you're willing; you don't necessarily have to be in pain.
^_^ I had originally assumed pain by your explanation including your fearing you might die.
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