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Post # 1
I came across a spell one day (actually a few) that stated how to grow wings. Now, I remember reading that it is impossible to physically change yourself. Can I have some clarification on weather or not it is possible to do something like this?
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Re: Wings?
Post # 2
Well im sure if you practiced Biokenisis you could change your DNA. But its very dangerous. I DONT Recommend it.
Im not sure if it would help you grow wings because personally i cant see such a thing happening.
But im sure you could vissulize yourself having wings. Easier and less dangerous . I hope i helped.

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Re: Wings?
Post # 3
Biokinesis is the metaphysical manipulation of organic and biological matter, people, plants, animals,bacteria ect.
biokinetics would be able to enhance the manipulation of pain thresholds, sectional enchancment of eyes, muscles, reflexes and nervous system, vunerable spots on the body(pressure points) if you however become quite advanced you maybe able to alter your dna and chromosomes,biokinesis works with all living things such as aiding the acceleration of a plant growth but this will not be achieved instantly,this will only aide in the plant more likly growing lets just say an extra 1 feet in a year.

There are different forms of biokinesis.

Externally long distance-able to work at a distance to heal plants,animals and people(meaning that they can be at a far distance from the biological being they are attempting to manipulate.

External short distance-Those whom can only work within a close proximity to plants, people, animals (by physical touch or lets say 5 feet away at the most)

Internally-can only manipulate their own organic biological matter not that of others.

You would still not be able to grow wings with biokinesis, but anything is possible on the astral plane.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Wings?
Post # 4
Well I advise against trying to grow wings, I tried it once and it didn't end well lol. When I tried it I used raw energy to shift my body and rapidly heal my tissues into different positions because I have never seen anyone grow flesh but I have seen manipulation of it. So by the off chance that you can get to the point of having bones and tissues in the right place considering its very painful by the time you try to get wings to grow past the normal limitations of your skin you will be in severe pain and it will break your concentration. So its very unlikely and there is a high chance that you will screw up your body
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Re: Wings?
Post # 5
Thanks. I had a hard time believing that it could actually happen. I just wasn't SURE, ya know?
But anyways, thank you!
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