Making your own spells

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Making your own spells
Post # 1
Hello everyone,

I am new to all of this. However, I am almost positive I once made it rain when I was younger. I was in class and I really wanted it to rain and I made up some chant/spell that I wrote down and kept chanting in my head. Few moments later, it rained. After this, I didn't get further involved with magic and I also got rid of the paper (not intentionally, though). Now, I wish I had it again because I want to see if it would work again.

Now, I wonder, if I were to write my own spells...what state of mine should I be in? Should I think hard about the words, or let the passion do it for me? Hope someone can help me out.

Thanks :)
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Re: Making your own spells
Post # 2
It depends on your intentions with the spell.

Though for most spells I would suggest having both in mind; choice of words and letting the passion talk.
Spells are often a lot like poetry if that helps any.

Now then, I personally think it's excellent that you're already wanting to write your own. "The best spells is your own spell."

Good luck,
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Re: Making your own spells
Post # 3
A mountain of books could be written on this particular subject. Honestly, writing your own spell is quite simple: Find what works for you. What's most important is to believe that it will work.

First thing you should do is to find a purpose you want the spell to serve. You should never cast a spell without a good reason.
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Re: Making your own spells
Post # 4
Hi, guys.

I'm, a deaf male, a novice. I would like to know how to create my own spells. How do spells work when I got into more magick energies and powers what I believe? All I really want to be is being a deaf wizard. I am trying to find and get some information from each member of Spells of Magic who knows what to answer my questions, but some of members who have some conflict comments from each other what they have already known about magic stuff what I need. I must be more interested in Magic. Serious is being me. I really want to motivate what I can do it, but one thing I need to backup is a coach, which can be a teacher. I hope someone can help me out. Thanks. :o)
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Re: Making your own spells
Post # 5
There are thousands of spells for free on line. Although writting your own is the best way (for me) to go. It gives you're working that much more of a kick. When thinking about the words you're choosing for the desired outcome is putting that much more of your need into the universe. When i'm writting a spell i go on line to
you put in a word and it gives you a ton of other words that rhyme with it. I find it help my spell come together a little easier. plus it take my mind in new directions. Hope that helps a little. I encourage you to keep moving forward in writting you're own spells. The ones that come from inside you, will always have the most power.

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