lines around my family :s

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lines around my family :s
Post # 1
Uhm.. hey i am new here i just wanted to say that and my poor spelling is because i am from belgium :s so sorry if you do not understand it at all so i am gonna go staright to the point .. i was sitting in my uncle's roomhe was sitting in his chair playing a stupid game -.- so when i looked at him i see this white line around him so i concentarted mysellf on him how harder i concentrated on him how more clearly the white line became so i just stopped because i thought i was going delusional i was quite tired at the time so i blamed it at that the next day me and my family were sitting at the table eating our dinner i thought about what had happend with my uncle so i was sitting right over my mother and i started to concentarte on her and how harder i concentarted the more i saw orange-yellowish line began to form around her it wasent that clear but i could still see it so i concentarted again at my uncle this time i saw a freaking pink line around him i swear i mean first white then pink so yeah i think im retarded i dont know i just wanted to tell this is this normal or do i have a mental problem seriously?
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Re: lines around my family :s
Post # 2
I assure you that you do not have any mental problems:) The lines/colors you are seeing around your family are their auras.

The aura is our energy field/life force that surrounds our body and all living things, it;s shaped like an egg and made up of fibrous light, it is commonly known has having 7 layers, most psychics will see only the first 3 of them these are the ones most closest to our physical body, the inner layers being mind, health and emotions, outer layers are the soul,spirit.
It's our energy field, life force and is generaly seen as a light around the head area.

I suggest you do a little research on aura this will help you understand your gift better:)
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