Psychic circle help

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Psychic circle help
Post # 1

So I recently purchased a psychic circle and just attempted to use it. I followed all instructions including the cleansing ritual, white light visualisation and im also wearing a protection charm. I had amethysts near the board for communication, 2 candles and mugwort sitting around with burning white sage incense.

It took me a while to get something, as I've never used one of these alone. I asked to talk to my spirit guide and it moved to "Near" I was really confused on what it ment. I asked it if it was a good or bad spirit. And it went to the colour brown. I asked it the second time and it moved to the YingYang symbol. As I asked it for the third time it went between the letters A and B. And it just stopped so I said "Mary part so mote it be" because it took too long to respond.

I looked up the symbols but they dont make any sense in relvence to my question. And what did it mean by "near" ?
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Re: Psychic circle help
Post # 2
Bump, would really like an interpretation of "near".
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Re: Psychic circle help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
hmmmm maybe its telling u ur spirit guide is near and u need to find him/her urself.
we find our own guides through meditation and connecting to our highterself(either) u was given the colour brown, this could mean that u may be feeling a little bit depressed or frustrated.
try putting the board to one side and tap in t ur own psychic intution and ask for clarity on the name of ur guide, the first thought of a name that pops in to ur head is normally the name of ur guide then u ask for comfirmatiom so u know ur not getting stray thoughts that randomly pop in to ur mind
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Re: Psychic circle help
Post # 4
prehaps your spirit guide is close to you, but you will not recieve more of what you seek without more balance in either your life or chakras.
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