incomplete spell work

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incomplete spell work
Post # 1
Hi, I started a spell late night that required, about half way through, a moment of mediation. I fell asleep! I completely fell asleep until this morning.

Do I continue the spell from where I left off or do I start over from scratch? I feel like I left something "hanging in the air" but I don't know if that's my own paranoia.

Thank you...
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Re: incomplete spell work
Post # 2
The safest thing for you to do is to clean the area, Smudging or the LBRP or something simialr, and start over. all the concentration you had on the spell would have been lost with your sleep.
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Re: incomplete spell work
By: / Adept
Post # 3
I would also take this as a pretty serious omen. For whatever reason, you were not supposed to do this spellwork that night. Only you would really know whay.
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Re: incomplete spell work
Post # 4
what ldy grey say may be true but i think we can't forget about the effects when someone has an ungrounded power.

you should also try a grounding if the cleansing does not work, chances are you may cleanse you work area but negative energy may not be your issue

just my keen view
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Re: incomplete spell work
Post # 5
Hi, thanks for the reply but I'm a bit new at this so I have no idea what you mean when you say, "we can't forget the effects of when someone has an ungrounded power."

what does that mean? and, honestly, I'm feeling a little worried too. Esp the way LdyGry says it may be an omen.

I wasn't sure what Bledri meant by cleasing the workspace either. I didnt realize it was to get rid of negative energy. I just thought it meant starting with a clean slate.

thank for any info!!!
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Re: incomplete spell work
By: / Adept
Post # 6
Ungrounded power meant that you may be an inexperienced meditator, you may be inexperienced when working with your personal energy, and sometimes what happens is a newbie will have a lot of energy flowing through them, emotional energy, spiritual energy, etc., and instead of having this energy ground into the Earth or project into the Universe, the person's body will kind of shut down, like a short circuit, and they'll fall asleep.

This is usually very harmless and is just your body's wisdom taking control. By practicing meditation and basic energy techniques you can avoid this.

As far as omens go, magic is a highly symbolic act and therefore i think all feelings, visions, and actions are little hints as to what is happening, the success of your working, etc. I think there is very little coincidence with spellwork.

I have had candles i was lighting for specific people that just did not light. I have worked a million candles, and when one doesn't work, it makes me take notice.

I almost burned my house down when making a mojo bag for someone wh was deeply troubled. I have made a million mojo bags and i have worked with open flames daily for over a decade. I have never even come close to burning my house down.

I have had a glass-encased candle explode while i was standing over it. These candles are made to be burnt unattended for days straight. I frequently have several going at once and have for years. They never explode.

These are three examples of "coincidents" that happen during spellwork. They were very very instructive as to the outcome and circumstances of each situation. I think falling asleep before your spell was cast may be another example. Maybe not. You would be the best judge of that.
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