mis-use of powers?

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Forums -> General Info -> mis-use of powers?

mis-use of powers?
Post # 1
does anyone think that using magic or magical items such as pendulums for finanial gain is wrong? what i mean is the 3 fold law. if i used magic for selfish reasons do you think that it could come back to me in a bad way? ive always respected the laws of nature and the 3 fold law. i don't cast black magic or try and violate someones free will but i do cast the occasional money spell and today i used a pendulum to help me pick the winner of the grand national horse race.

ive never actually thought about this before so any thoughts on this subject? thanks
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Re: mis-use of powers?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well. Maybe you lose on the 3 NeXT bets then. Lol. Gett it.
What many mix is karma and 'the law of atraction' (I think it's called)
where what you send out. Is what you gett.
Like. If you don't think you deserve bether. Or somthing good you want. Or to feel. Your sending out that you don't. And won't gett it. (kind of thing. )
now. When you realise that it's you, and you alone. That controles how you are going to deal with things that happens in your life.
You can change alot.

Back to the question. I don't se that much wronge in using it.
(I have used somthing simulare. But I also do a 'giving somthing back' kind of thing. Makes it more efeckiv, and also. If you do belive in the 3fold law or somthing like that. It would help against negative drawback of other kinds. Sins you have alredy 'paid your depth' kind of thing. I supose)
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Re: mis-use of powers?
Post # 3
Black magic isn't necessarily bad! O_O

Anyway, financial gain is very common purpose of the use of one's 'powers'.
Is it wrong though?
That is actually a very objective question when answered by any one person to another.
My point is: that it depends on you definition of right and wrong.

In my personal belief the 3 fold law is highly questionable as there are countless ''exceptions'' and if you are in actual need of money then you're fine. But if you're ''rolling in it'', then just let someone else who needs it have a chance. :) My personal belief in the matter...
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Re: mis-use of powers?
Post # 4
The thing is, you get back what you send out. If all that you ever use your magic for is to take, eventually the Universe will start taking back. Thus is the Balance maintained.

Everything you do magically has a cost. It's just that sometimes the Universe is slow to collect. The Universe is also remarkably unsubtle in it's methods.
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