strange occurence...

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strange occurence...
Post # 1
Well, the other day, i had a precognitive dream about the upcoming tron movie. I had never known that there would be a movie, and i dreamed up that there would be a video game to go with it. That's beside the point, though. Anyway, a night after that, I had a dream that I had a beautiful girlfriend and she broke up with me for what appeared to be no reason. She then told all of her friends and everyone she saw that I was the most shallow person she had ever met. I then asked her if she wanted to get back together with me, and the dream ended (or my memory of the dream ends there). The next day, a girl I have liked for a while now posted something on Facebook. Apparently, she had been dating a guy who turned out to be a real dick, and she broke up with him, and was telling all her Facebook friends how shallow he was. Does this mean something? Especially because I feel a deep emotional connection to this girl?
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Re: strange occurence...
Post # 2
wel mate sumtimes your mind can have visual conncesions with realityand the fiber of thig its like a circit the electric goes roun through the same wire the frabric is that wire it connected to the couses phicic occureses
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Re: strange occurence...
Post # 3
sorry obout the spelling i am dislexti and i dont now how to spell that either
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Re: strange occurence...
Post # 4
and my keyboard is dead
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Re: strange occurence...
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Coection to others. (specialy The kind of the one you have to this girl)
can 'tap' you into parts of what they are thinking. Or going trou.
That it seemed to be you in the dream. Is just how it end up somthimes or somthing I supose. (in some cases it can be becos you consither here as a part of your life. In one way or another. And then dream like it's you. Sins it might efectk you life to)
think some of this also is a bit of what 'boy4' (sorry. Don't remember your whole name)
might been aplaing.
(and boy4. I got what your was writhing. And you dint need to apologize for your writhing. Mine is bad come to a bit like you. But mostly to bad school learning in Norway in writhing English. Also I must add. It's not the best when it come to speicking. Thank 'someone' I didn't learn that only from schoole. So I speak it fluid:) )

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