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Stop dreaming about...
Post # 1

i want to know if there is a spell to stop dreaming about someone. i have not talked to my ex last october, when he didn't return my phone call. i have mailed out all of what little stuff he as bought me. sure there is not have been a exact conclusion to this, yet im done with him.

last dream i had with him, i know for sure it was him. wrote it down. looked up the definitions up....duh comes to mind. i already know all of it. i want him out of my dreams. sure most of the dreams before could possibly be about his unconsciousness thoughts, sure. yet i want to be DONE COMPLETELY WITH HIM!

i need a spell to stop from him appearing in my dreams. i don't want to see him ever again! i do not mean anything to him!
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Re: Stop dreaming about...
Post # 2
In your Sub-concious mind you may still have issues over your break-up.

Try addressing things conciously this may help you in finding out why you are still dreaming of him.:)

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Re: Stop dreaming about...
Post # 3
Since i asked for help, i have not had dreams about my "ex" and i actually thought about working out issues that i should have done with him, yet... today, well more like last morning, i actually had a dream about my ex. (2 weeks without dreaming... loved it) i think my dream is telling me something now...

the dream goes like this: Im in this tent with mom. im looking outside and my ex is sitting at this outside patio/restaurant. alone he sits till his "divorcing wife" arrives with kids. im in utter shock to actually see him in the same place as i... i couldn't even move. couldn't tell my mom cuz i know she would love to say something to both of them. lucky they got up and left, yet they walked by the tent. i really wanted to say something until i saw a look on his face. it was like he was telling me that we needed to talk. plus a very serious look.
later in the dream...
im driving with my mom and sister. i see my ex in this parking lot with a kid. he gives the kid to the "divorcing wife" and walks over to me. i guess im on the side of the street... i think cuz he came up to me and says "you are almost ready" and he opens this small box. not a ring size, kinda like sun glass size. i could feel he wanted to apologize to my mom.... yet i woke myself up after that.

now, what the hell does that mean? "YOU ARE ALMOST READY?"
this is the first time he has ever spoken in the dreams and actually confronting me. i can think of so many possiblites, yet im asking others; what do you think?
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