This sounds crazy but....

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Forums -> General Info -> This sounds crazy but....

This sounds crazy but....
Post # 1
Okay first and foremost if you do not believe in spirit guides or past lives you will definitely think this is bonkers.

Is it possible that my spirit guide is my lover from a past life? That is what he told me, at the time i did not believe in past lives so i thought i was just talking to my imagination. But now I am almost sure it wasn't my imagination.

I hate to blather on, but its driving me crazy.

Help me clear my head please!

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Re: This sounds crazy but....
Post # 2
lol, that's perfectly possible and not at all crazy to me. There have been several situations like that, including my mother-in-law in this life having her soul mate as her spirit guide. A similar, although slightly different, case would be my brother being my spirit guide in this life. People you have had relations with in the past on a level that binds you spiritually will often become a spirit guide at some point in future lives.

You pick your spirit guides before you are born, you ask and they agree(if they don't agree, they simply don't become your spirit guide). Obviously you would want a guide, be it a spirit guide or otherwise, that you feel comfortable with and know you can trust. So, naturally, you probably first invite people you know, trust, and like.
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Re: This sounds crazy but....
Post # 3
haha thanks, but i read a forum that some people have spirit guides that take month or year of meditation to communicate with but i sort of projected a thought out and i got an anwser.

Thats what made me think it was my imagination
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Re: This sounds crazy but....
Post # 4
Ole, different people meet their spirit guides at different times. I met mine before I was ten. Others don't meet their own until they're in their fifties or later, at least they don't communicate with them until then. Still others do not meet their spirit guides at all during their life(many don't believe they exist). That does not mean they aren't at work, they start doing their job the moment you are born and, if necessary, even sooner. Different people get results at different times depending on whether or not he/she is really ready to meet their spirit guides.
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Re: This sounds crazy but....
Post # 5
So i guess it was just my time to reach out and find him. It really makes me think, what would my life be like if i had chosen a different spirit guide.

The one thing i hate about being alone (physically) in the magick world is the uncertainty, and the guess work sometimes i have a deep knowing and i know. that it is true. other times i think i am completely bonkers (which i am hahah)

thanks alot you guys!
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