Dangerous Herbs

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Forums -> Herbalism -> Dangerous Herbs

Dangerous Herbs
Post # 1
If the magickal or medical use of the herb requires ingestion find a substitute. Never eat or ingest ANY of the following herbs:

Aconite, Bittersweet, Balm of Gilead, Belladonna, Black nightshade, Blue flag, Burning bush, Celastrus Scandens(American Yew), Calabar bean, Calico bush, Camphor, Christmas rose, Cowbane, Calamus, Carnation, Comfrey

Deadly Nightshade, Deerstongue, Dogs mercury, Daffodils, Ergot, Elkweed, Eucalyptus, Euphorbium, Fern, Flag lily, Fox glove, Geranium, Gelsemium, Heliotrope, Hellebore, Hemlock, Henbane, Hyacinth, Hellebore, Henbane, Honysuckle, Horse balm, Holly seeds

Ivy, Inkberry, Impatiens, Indian arrowroot, Jerusalem cherry, Jimsonweed

Laburnum seeds Laulel seeds, Mandrake, Mayapple, Monkshood, Mistletoe seeds, Mandrake, Mistletoe, Mums, Narcissus, Nightshade, Pine, Poke root, Poinsettia, Pallida, Ranunculus, Rosebay, sumac, Spurge, Swallow wort, Thorn apple, Tonka,Trefoil, Tobacco eaten
Wahoo, Wake robin, White hemlock, White bryony, Winter rose, Water Parsnip, Wisteria, Wolfsbane, Wormwood, Yellow jasmine , Yews

As for Jimson Weed, Datura, Thorn Apple ( I am fairly certain they are the same thing, it just has many names) they have been shown to have dissociative/hallucinogenic properties though the experience is often cosidered quite uncomfortable and it is very easy to take too much when using it for this purpose(Datura or whatever u choose to call it is a member of the nightshade family of plants which does indeed include many deadly posions, so it truly wouldnt be wise to partake in this plant).

Also, Mescal Beans should b added to the list if they are not already on it under a different name. Mescal Beans are not to be confused with the pscyhoactive substance Mescaline or the "mescaline buttons" that are harvested from the peyote cactus. They are two totally different chemicals! Mescal Beans can kill you while mescaline has some admitted religious value and is considered relativly safe.

Ppl, plz do me a favor and double check the information I have posted, I am fairly certain that it is all correct but u never know when a small error could make a big difference! Thank you and appreciate the valuable info!

This information comes from a forum of a seperate offsite coven that I am in, used with permission with myself as one of the contributors to this thread. Here is the link.

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Re: Dangerous Herbs
Post # 2

Thank god for this forum!

I am glad this has been posted, a friend of mine tried to eat belladonna, he was severely unwell for a while. So beware to beginners: Do not eat!

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Re: Dangerous Herbs
Post # 3
Oliander, Rhododendron, columbine, daffodil and horse-chestnut.

The following link has a pretty extensive list of other plants that may have been missed.
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