Further info on disposal

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Further info on disposal
Post # 1
Thank u for the advice on burying the candles. I would bury the leftovers but with my luck one of the tenants in my building would see me & would dig it up to see what I'm burying. I read somewhere that u can also dispose of the candles buy putting them in a paper bag & throwing them in the garbage. One website said I can throw in a little salt in the bag. Another mentioned saying a prayer as u dump it. It's very confusing for a newbie! I want to do the spells & the disposal correctly.
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Re: Further info on disposal
By: / Adept
Post # 2
When i think of throwing my spell remnants in the garbage, i feel that i'm "throwing away my future outcome." I think it shows disrespect to the spell - trash is for trash, not magic. *Now, if it was a nasty spell agasint another person, then to throw those remants in the trash would make sense - i.e., you're throwing them away, turning their life into garbage, etc.

More elegant would be to take those remnants in a brown bag, walk prayerfully to a crossroads, set them down discretely with intention, and then walk away - leaving your outcome in the hands of Spirit, paying homage to the many metaphoric crossroads of our lives.
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Re: Further info on disposal
Post # 3
Thank you.
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Re: Further info on disposal
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Rubies also remember that witches would do a lot of things as secretively as possible. When I was living in my apartment I waited untill really late at night to do my disposing of items. Everyone was pretty much in bed and as long as I didn't make any noise I never drew any unwanted attention. I did a full protection ritual outside my apartment to protect the entire complex and nobody even knew I was out there. That's the fun thing about being a witch, conjurer, hoodoo practioner, etc is the secrecy. That's one thing that has been lost in some of the younger generations. A lot of people are just so public with it and draw attention to themselves any more. There is a reason why midnight is known as the witching hour. Witches and others always practiced in secrecy and late at night so not to draw unwanted attention. Ldygry said it quite well by saying go to the crossroads in a prayerfull manner and discreetly lay your items there and walk away. You can pretend you are tying your shoes, lay down your candle stubs, and just pretend to tie your shoe, get up and then walk away. If I dispose of my candles in the river I walk along the river and I jusrt descreetly drop the candles as I walk and keep on walking. Nobody ever notices.
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