Real or fake?

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Forums -> Comments -> Real or fake?

Real or fake?
Post # 1
This is for the new people so they can watch out for those fakes...

Seeing the future is something almost everyone wants to know and hear. People even use tools to look into the future, past, and into people's lives. Those tools include...

Crystal ball
Palm reading
Tea reading
and much more...

Now anyone can buy themselves those tools and learn how to use them. Ether they get good or not is up to them. All you need to do is learn two different tricks to be sure they are real readers. The first trick is how the fakes read...

If they...
Say something that is normal, like "Someone is moved far away from you." (This could mean anything to the person being read like someone died, one of your friends isn't your friend, or you moving away in the past.)
Build up on how your feeling, like if you look mad they will know that something has happen to made you mad. This should be easy to catch.

Now if they are real then they would most likely do (Each reader has their own way of reading so not all will do this if they are real readers.)...

Say right away what has happen in your past or what is going on. (I say past because you know your past, not them. Unless the person knows you well enough to map out your past then they are most likely fake.)

Say something that only you will know and just map out your future. (Since the future changes they might not so easily map it out)

If you learn what a fake is then you might not need to know what a real one is since they have different ways of doing their own readings.

Another thing is that not all readings are right, Some could be 10 to 25 or 40 to 45 or 90 to 99 % right. It matters on how strong they are, how skilled they are with the tool they use (if they use any, Cough palm reading...), and how much energy they can get (Everything needs your energy... No matter what you think and say it needs your energy to know who you are so it itself can map you out. The key is letting the tools to map the energy, not the user to map out how your feeling and looking.)

I found something that can let you learn what a fake is. The real might be going a bit far but she uses scrying to look into the future and the person. The show is call Xxx Holic episode 04 "Fortune Telling"

Hope you guys learned something...

P.s. if your having trouble looking for it here is the link,
Hope that doesn't break any kind of rules.
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Re: Real or fake?
Post # 2
There is a book that was published called How to know you are getting a good reading, or something like that. It can be found in most local book store. Great read and helps you know when you are being scammed
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Re: Real or fake?
Post # 3
WildMarch I have to disagree with a statement you have made and I would be most interested in why you would say this. That statement is "Unless the person knows you well enough to map out your past then they are most likely fake." So are you saying that if someone can tell you of your past and they do not have any knowledge of this that they are a fake? If your answer to this is yes then please be so kind as to tell me what you base that upon???
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Re: Real or fake?
Post # 4
i agree with imstillhere...not necessarily on the request just that that statement was confusing and you might want to clarify it...thx
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Re: Real or fake?
Post # 5
What that means is if your best friend, lets say someone that has been your friend for a long time or you have told them of your past. If they say they can do a reading that goes from your past to your future your going to fall for it because your hearing about your past and believe it is true. All your friend needs to do is remember what you two have been talking about and try to match things together, what I used for mapping.

So even tho they said everything that you two have told, which they know not foretell, you still disagree? With this it is hard to tell if they are real or fake, but it is most likely fake if they are just telling you what they already know.

Sorry to confuse you guys.
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Re: Real or fake?
Post # 6
I disagree with your recent statement.

If a friend gives a reading, even if they are honestly a genuine reader, cards or simply talking to you will reveal your past. Just because they have knowledge of your past doesn't make them fake.

Frankly I think your discription of a fake reader is off completely and I wouldn't necessarily use these traits to spy a fake reader.

A reader, contrary to popular belief will not be able to give you a play by play of your past, down to the shirt color you were wearing. So saying " someone is moved far away from you " can be an accurate statement if it's followed by " and by that I mean I sense....".

Now if someone were to say " Did someone move away from you, meaning died, lost a friend, just kicked an old habit "...that is a sign of baiting ( to get a person to give a fake reader all the information they need since it's within peoples nature for some reason to want to tell a reader their life story before the cards are laid )

Readings are never 100% accurate, and the outcome can change the second it is said. My only advice for those concerned is, if it's a free reading, search for the truth yourself within it. If you have to pay, then you should do some research on the person and trust your gut...not your emotions.
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Re: Real or fake?
Post # 7
I just think you need something to disagree with. That or your a reader and feel like am attacking you.

Am not saying if a friend gives you a reading is fake, am saying if a friend is giving you a reading and is just saying what they know of them (not using the tools right and so on) then they are most likely fake.

It doesn't matter how clear I make myself, your just going to keep disagreeing. Again I just think your looking for something to disagree or proof wrong.
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Re: Real or fake?
Post # 8
Yup. Just want to disagree. Couldn't possibly be that there are actual flaws in your statements.

I will agree, if a person is saying nothing but what they know of you...they are probably not a very strong reader or capable of reading at all.
That's not to say that you shouldn't trust your friends to give you readings as, what better way to get better than to practice.

As far as tools go, well...many readers don't need tools, or use them only to get the psychic "juices" flowing so to speak.

Again, I say, the main sign of a sham reader is someone who asks more questions than gives asnwers ( baits ).
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Re: Real or fake?
Post # 9
So what is so wrong? I said tools because they need to know what kind of tools are out there. Not everyone uses tools but that will be hard to do, not saying it can not be done.

If one thing is amiss then you go off and say all the little things that the person missed, kinda like a know it all. I could keep on explaining this over and over into knew ways and you will keep on disagreeing because you learned it a different way or just saw it as a different view. I learned from people that I trust and you learned where you learned.
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