Disposal of candles

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Disposal of candles
Post # 1
I live in an apartment so there's no way I can bury the candles or wax in my backyard. So can I bury the leftovers in a secluded spot or can I chuck them in the garbage?
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Re: Disposal of candles
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
I also live in an appartment, so I mostly never bury the candles, except on special occasions.
Some of them I keep for some time (If I did a spell with them), others I throw out of course after they are all done. I do not like doing this much but, one has to adjust to the circumstances. You can also If you like, purify the left over wax, and use it to make new candles, its recycling.
You could also, save them and one day go to a park, forest or natural area and bury it.Those are just some options.
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Re: Disposal of candles
Post # 3
well, im not familiar with candle magic, but usualy, as long as the spell dosnt call for it, it is ok to re-use the wax and make new candles with the left overs
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Re: Disposal of candles
By: / Adept
Post # 4
Depending on the type of work, i would never reuse my magical candle scraps. I look at them as garbage and spiritual byproduct that is ready to be returned to the Universe. Now, i'd accept the argument that religious devotional candles are fine to reuse, like candles for the elements or other altars, but for me, spellwork candles are "used up."

If your candlework is to draw something positive to you like luck, money, a new lover, etc., i'd bury the remnants in a potted plant by the front door. If that's impossible, i'd put a flake of candlewax under your front door mat and then bury the rest by the bushes/landscaping at the front door of your apartment complex.

You have to be a little sneaky and quick about your work. Burying spell remnants in public is best done at night, although sometimes your best cover is in full daylight and in full view of everyone - people can be less apt to think you're up to something if you're doing it in full display.

If your candlework is for removal or separation, like working through an addiction, bad luck, cursing, cleansing, etc., i'd dispose of your candle remnants at a crossroads, any place where two roads meet. Take the remnants in silence to the crossroads, leave them either in the middle of the street or at the street corner, turn around and walk away without looking back, and go home a different route. I have a friend who lives in New York City who has a regular disposal spot in a large flowerpot situated at a busy crossroads intersection. She buries stuff there regularly. Again, you have to be discreet - working at night is best.
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Re: Disposal of candles
Post # 5
Thanks LdyGry. I have learned something new! :) Blessed be!
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Re: Disposal of candles
Post # 6
Thank u for the advice. I wouldn't go out at night to bury anything because with my luck one of the more annoying tenants would see me & go out to dig up what I'm burying. Then they probably try & have me evicted for damaging the property!
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Re: Disposal of candles
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Ldygry my dear you beat me to it and said it very well. I'll be catching you around!
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