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Post # 1
I know that it is called different things, but essentially its the after life or waiting place for the next life. I am a very new and solitary practitioner of wicca, The last thing i want is to start a argument but I will write what I found from the books I read.

The summerlands are supposedly a place of eternal summer where we rest from our past lives and review it with the god and goddess until we reach perfection and ascend to the higher realm of being.

If I can ask of it i would hope other viewers of this thread will post their views or information on the subject. Thank you in advance.

~Blessed be, Ole
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Re: Summerlands
Post # 2
i have heard of summerlands. it sounds like an amazing place. personally i believe in a kinda alternate space. its the same world as ours but but its out of sync with ours, its like looking into a mirror and seeing whats behind you sounds confusing i know. only people with psychic abilities can see, hear or sense the dead spirits. eventually you past on into your next life. when you are a spirit you can talk to the living and help and some of the bad ones create chaos. anyway thats my beliefs.
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Re: Summerlands
Post # 3
First I must say, I'm not a Wiccan, so if you were looking only for a Wiccan's response I apologize. Please simply refrain from reading the rest of this post.

I believe we create our own afterlife when we die, if we don't choose to go to the spirit world. The spirit world is where we prepare for the next life, AKA reincarnation. Some spirits may choose to take what we might relate to being a "vacation," some going to a Hellish place(by Christian beliefs) to remove the guilt of bad things they've done. Others may choose to go to a paradise type place(Heaven, Summerlands, etc) where they may relax and think on things or meet with other spirits. The "vacation" could be before, after, or during their stay in the spirit world.

This is just my belief. I also believe that where we go depends on what we like. I don't know allot about summerlands, but if it's summer all the time than with my experience with summer it would not be a place I would like. I prefer the winter, with the cold and the snow, so a winterland would be more appropriate for me.
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Re: Summerlands
Post # 4
Interesting its really neat (yes i said neat) to see your beliefs and takes on the afterlife, I hope more people will post (nudge nudge) so we can all expand our knowledge and be a bit less ignorant to other peoples beliefs and traditions.

Somthing the day to day world is scarce of

Blessed Be, Ole
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